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Achieve SMART Home Energy

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Switching the lights off when not in use and unplugging electronic devices are the most commonly used techniques to lower electricity bills. We live in an era where smartphones, laptops, and high-end PCs are found everywhere. So why not be techy and take advantage of these gadgets to save money

Here are some tips on how you can start making your home-energy smart:



When life gets busy, that’s when we tend to forget stuff like leaving the lights on upstairs, or when kids leave the room and forget to turn off the television. These are a few things we tend to forget which result in high consumption of electricity. What can you do? Use home automation.

Home automation allows you to access devices using a smartphone. Whether you are a hundred kilometers away or just at home, you can control your lighting, heating and cooling systems, and even appliances automatically. Let the motion sensors and timers do the work. It makes everything easier and at the same time lessens your energy consumption.



A smart meter is the most high-end meter technology today. It gives detailed information on your real-time electricity usage. It records the total consumption of appliances you use, serving as a guide if you want to conserve energy. A smart meter is also an advantage to consumers with solar panels. It shows your total electricity generated and consumed. You only need to install a smart app to interpret the data from your smart meter.

If you’re still using a traditional meter, contact your energy retailer and ask to switch to a smart meter. There are few retailers, distributors and even third-party systems who give comprehensive details of the usage on the smart app.



Traditional solar panels are quite sensitive. Failures like a spot of shade, a short, or physical damage affect the overall performance and energy output of the whole system. But this is no longer an issue with smarter solar panels, which are now available in the market.

Smart solar panels have a better photovoltaic performance, easy to install and has no single point of failure. Thanks to its self-balancing feature, you won’t have issues with its compatibility. Also, it’s a low maintenance piece of tech – perfect for saving money on maintenance costs.



Be smart, not just with the devices but also with the energy retailer you choose. They should offer you affordable rates and competitive plan options.

With Econnex, no telemarketer will bother you. Comparing and switching energy plans are possible at your own convenience.


Grab your laptop or smartphone and visit Econnex today.

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