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Amaysim Energy

About Amaysim

Amaysim started as telecommunications company in 2010, but since then have branched out into the worlds of home internet and energy. They have a big focus on keeping it simple and making managing household bills as easy as possible for their customers.

Amaysim Features

Competitive Pricing

Discounts that don't expire

Renewable Energy Options

100% Carbon Neutral

Amaysim Availability

Where is it available?

Amaysim Energy is currently being offered for Residential properties in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland(Electricity Only) and South Australia(Electricity Only).


Electricity and Gas Offer


Electricity and Gas Offer


Electricity Offer


Electricity Offer

How do I switch my Energy Provider?

Switching your Energy Provider is a simple process. All you need to do is Click Here and compare plans. Remember, the provisioning will start from the date you agree and the retailer receives the application, and you will have a 10 Business day cooling-off period to cancel if you change your mind.

Moving In?

If you are moving to a new property then it’s a simple process too. All you need to do is Click Here and compare plans. Make sure you have the exact details of the property you are moving into.