How do I find the best cheap Android plans in Australia?

There are plenty of Android plans on the market to suit a wide range of budgets and requirements. This includes Android Post Paid phone plans, SIM Only Post Paid Plans and Pre Paid Plans.

Econnex’s independently-owned, non-biased comparison engine can help you to find the best deal in cheap Android plans and the best mobile phone plans, by allowing you to explore all the different plan options on the market that match your needs.

What is the difference between the types of Android plans?

  • Post Paid phone plans – where you are provided with a new device as well as mobile services.
  • SIM Only Post Paid Plans – these include mobile services only, which means you will need to provide your own device.
  • Pre Paid Plans – SIM Only plans where you pay for mobile services in advance and top up as you go.

What is an Android phone?

Android is a mobile operating system, so when you hear the term ‘Android phone’ it means a smartphone that functions using Android software. It runs in competition to Apple’s iOS, which is the operating software behind the iPhone.

Popular Android phone brands include OPPO, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Huawei and Nokia. Android phones generally cost less to purchase than iPhones and offer greater flexibility as they are not tied to the one company.

Securing an Android plan can be an affordable way to get a brand new device without having to pay for it outright. It can also be a good way to get a cheap plan where you keep using your existing handset.

Most Android plans today come with unlimited national calls and texts but differ in the level of data they offer. They can also differ in international call credit.

Android Post Paid Phone Plans

If you want a new Android included in your plan you will need to commit to a contract where you pay a set amount each month. These types of plans are usually at least 24 months in length to allow you time to pay off the phone.

Post Paid Phone Plans also generally cost a bit more per month than plans that don’t include a phone and offer generous amounts of data. If you exit your contract before the term ends, you will most likely need to pay an exit fee, and to pay off any remaining balance on the value of the phone.

Plans that include a new device are not available from all providers. They are mostly available from directly from the three big networks (Telstra, Optus and Vodafone) as well as some of the smaller retailers including Woolworths Mobile, TeleChoice and Southern Phone. Android Post Paid phone plans offer lots of benefits. These include:

  • you can get the latest and smartest phone without having to pay for it outright;
  • you get to use mobile services now, and pay later;
  • greater reliability in that you never have to worry about running out of data as you might with a Pre Paid Plan.

Android SIM Only Post Paid Plans

Post Paid plan suits an Android phone but doesn’t come with a new device. This means you will need to either buy an Android smartphone off the shelf or keep using your existing Android device.

This type of arrangement is one of the best ways to get cheap Android plans. They usually cost less than plans that include a new device as you are paying for services only.

With any type of Post Paid Plan, you pay at the end of the billing period rather than upfront. Android Post Paid SIM Only Plans can offer some fantastic deals where you can nab discounts for committing to a fixed contract of 6 or 12 months. However, there are also plans that are casual or month-by-month, offering the ultimate in flexibility.

Here are some benefits of Android SIM Only Post Paid Plans:

  • great where you are happy to keep using your current device, but you want to find a better deal;
  • could come in useful if you are awaiting the release of a new Android and need a cheap mobile plan to keep you going in the meantime;
  • can offer a good solution where you want to pass your old Android onto a family member;
  • they can offer the best of both worlds where you get to choose between casual plans or fixed contract deals;
  • a great solution if you decide to switch providers to take up a better offer with another Android plan provider.

Android Pre Paid Plans

Pre Paid Plans are always SIM Only in that they don’t include a new device. With any type of Pre Paid Plan you pay upfront for the services you want to use. Once your data runs out or expires you will need to top it up. These days you can get some great Pre Paid cheap Android plan deals.

Here are some benefits of Android Pre Paid Plans:

  • they come without lock-in contracts which puts you in charge of how much you use in services and when;
  • there are no exit fees to worry about;
  • a great option if you are just after a temporary or short-term plan;
  • great idea if you are passing an existing Android on to your kids or an overseas visitor, or you want to use it as a spare phone;
  • they allow you to switch or upgrade plans when you like;
  • they can be used to test out various plans to see which one is the best mobile plan for you;
  • you get to avoid the ‘bill shock’ effect that can come with use-now-pay-later Post Paid Plans.

Econnex Comparison Engine

Whether you want an Android plan that comes with a new phone or is SIM Only, Econnex’s comparison engine can help you find the best mobile plans on the market that match your needs. This includes plans from the major networks as well as smaller retailers.

In addition, since Econnex’s comparison engine operates independently, any recommendations and deals you see are the real deal in that they come without any bias or preference. When you use the engine, you get easy to understand clear comparisons of the top deals in the market. Any savings you can make are shown in real dollar amounts rather than percentages. So, whether you are looking for a no-frills very cheap Android plan or a plan that includes a new device, the best option for you is just a search away.

How to use the comparison engine

For a personal Android plan, you just need to select ‘personal’ from the Connection Type dropdown and enter your preferences from the other two dropdowns. For more accurate results you should also set your preferred data and price ranges using the sliders underneath the dropdowns, and then press ‘Start’ to return a range of suitable plans for you.


Business Android plans either include a new phone or are SIM Only Post Paid. To find plans to match your needs select the Business (1-9 Connections) option from the comparison engine Connection Type dropdown and your preferences from the other two dropdown boxes. Then you need to set the sliders for your preferred data and price ranges, and press ‘Start’ to return the range of Android plans best suited to your needs.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your old Android phone or simply want to find a better Android deal, Econnex Comparison can help make your decision so much easier. All you need to do is enter your requirements and preferences into the search engine fields to see what solutions pop up for you.

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