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How do you know which retailer is the cheapest energy provider?

Everyone wants to save money on Electricity and Gas. However, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a cheapest energy retailer that doesn’t express its deals in discounts, in so many variations. Cheapest electricity plan sometime does not mean thee best plan for your situation.

Some suppliers will give you several types of discount. Some discounts include “pay on time”, a discount on usage charges, a discount on the daily supply charge, a discount if you pay via direct debit, or a discount if you bundle your gas and electricity with the same retailer.

But what would you rather? A 20% discount on a $100 bill, or a $60 bill with no discount? The choice is obvious. On some sites, it’s not that clear.

So why do retailers use discounts instead of raw numbers? They are not being dishonest on purpose. They are using a tried and true sales tactic called “price anchoring.”

Price anchoring and energy comparison

Let’s be straight: electricity is electricity. Electricity is going to be the same whether you go with retailer A or retailer B. What we’re all looking for is the cheapest electricity plan which enable us to pay as little as possible each month or quarter.

Certain comparison sites express their retailer plans and contracts in terms of discounts, without disclosing the actual rates in dollars and cents. One of the many reasons they do this is to do with a psychological trick called “price anchoring.”

If you inform people that they can buy a product for $50, would it make more sense to express that as a price, or inform customers it “Was $100”? With the $100 price in your mind, you are likely to rationalize you are getting a bargain. The truth is that you are spending $50 regardless. You are not “getting” any extra value.

This tactic is used by some comparison websites, expressing higher discounts. A high discount does not necessarily mean a higher saving on your power bills. You must look at the numbers to find the cheapest electricity plan.

Know the real numbers – try Econnex

Unlike most energy comparison sites on the market, Econnex shows you the real savings in dollar terms and help you compare cheapest energy providers and find the cheapest electricity plan. You’ll know exactly how much you’ll save on your bill doing a measurable and transparent comparison instead of trying to do sums on the back of an envelope.

Got a spare two minutes? Try Econnex now and see how much you can save.

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Power prices are falling across Australia, thanks to big changes happening in the energy market. Wholesale electricity prices are falling nationwide; policy changes from the Federal Government are making the energy market more competitive. You should be getting cheaper gas and electricity bills; but if you’re not, you can save hundreds of dollars by taking a little time to explore your options.

Looking for the cheapest gas and electricity providers in your area, aligned to how you use your power? It’s time to look into energy comparison.

Setting the stage for cheaper energy

Back in 2018, the Aussie energy market was raked over the coals by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC). The ACCC described the market as “unacceptable”, “unsustainable”, “uncompetitive” and “unaffordable”. The Australian Government is proactively addressing this, because when energy is unaffordable, the economy suffers. It makes it harder for households and businesses alike. Affordable energy is a big part of post-COVID economic recovery.

Wholesale electricity prices in Australia have dropped dramatically (by ~46% in just one year). The Government is pushing electricity providers to trickle down these savings to Australian billpayers. The Government also announced that key gas reserves will be tapped; this will reduce prices of gas and electricity alike.

This should all  save you money… ideally. But as the Energy Minister puts it,

“While it is good to see reductions starting to flow through… we are going to keep the pressure on the energy companies to make sure they keep coming down”

Not all energy suppliers have been passing these savings on yet. In fact, the Minister is taking a “big stick” approach to prohibit energy market misconduct.

You don’t need to know a lot about energy to know that you deserve a fair deal. But many of us have been with the same energy provider for years. You should ideally compare energy deals every 12-24 months to make sure you’re getting the price savings you should be. That process is simpler than you think; in fact, it just takes a bit of thinking about how you use your power, and a few clicks.

Without further ado, some questions you should be asking yourself if you want cheaper power bills:

Cheap Energy Discount
Introducing Econnex

Energy comparison is easy with Econnex. Just spend a few minutes filling in a form and they’ll give you dollar-figure quotes. You can compare Energy Prices, Rates & Tariffs across a panel of TOP retailers: EnergyAustralia, AGL, Origin Energy, Alinta Energy, Powershop and much more. It’s 100% free, and you’ve got no obligation to sign up for anything. If you do decide to switch to a cheaper energy provider, just pick that plan and Econnex does the rest. No calls, no fuss, no worries!


How does it work?

You’ll be asked your postcode, approximate electricity usage for a given period, and your connection date. You can choose your preferred tarriff type – single rate, time-of-use rates or controlled load rates (depending on location). Econnex will provide you with various options; remember to look at things like:

  • Tariffs – i.e. single tariff, or Time of Use
  • Billing periods – monthly, quarterly, or bi-monthly?
  • Fees and charges (for example, daily supply charge)
  • Pay on time discounts or benefits
  • Standard or market contracts

It’s important to look at the whole plan before you make your mind up. It’s not overly technical, but if you find anything confusing, don’t worry! There’s tons of help in the system to guide you through. Once you’ve chosen your new plan, they’ll start the transfer for you. Complexity, simplified!

So don’t worry about searching for “cheapest gas near me” or “cheapest electricity near me” and scrolling online for hours looking cheap gas and electricity. Don’t end up down a rabbit-hole of waiting on hold for salespeople and their spiel. Don’t be annoyed finding yourself on mailing lists you don’t remember signing up for. Skip the frustration and disappointment. If you’re looking for a cheap electricity company, or a cheap gas company, Econnex has done the work for you. They’ve built relationships with the country’s cheapest gas and electricity providers to help you see what’s available to you.

Achieve cheaper electricity bills, in a few clicks with Econnex.

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