What are the best cheap Samsung plans in Australia?

Samsung are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mobile phones, with over 23% global market share of phones (3rd quarter 2019.) With so many Samsung phones on offer such as the flagship Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 10, you’ll find a Post Paid phone plans, and SIM Only Post Paid Plans and Pre Paid Plans that suits your budget.

Samsung phones come in many different handset models, not just the top-tier Galaxy S series, which comes at a premium as it offers the latest chipsets, cameras, and in February of 2020, 5G connectivity. Many consider the Galaxy S10 the “direct” competitor to the Apple iPhone series.

Econnex runs an easy-to-use, independent, unbiased telco comparison engine that can help you find the best value Samsung mobile phone plans on the market.

What are the differences with the Samsung plans available?

  • Samsung Post Paid phone plans – where you get a new Samsung mobile and a mobile phone contract.
  • SIM Only Post Paid Plans – these include mobile services only, which means you will need to provide your own Samsung phone.
  • Pre Paid Plans – SIM Only plans where you pay keep your current device and pay for your calls, data, or text before you use it, and top up when your balance runs out.

Samsung Mobile Products – Galaxy and Beyond

South Korean consumer electronics firm Samsung entered the global smartphone market with the first Samsung Galaxy S in 2010, with “S” standing for “Super Smart.” Samsung phones were noted for their high-end components such as the latest processors, high amounts of RAM, the latest Wi-Fi and GSM radios, high resolution displays, quality cameras, and running the latest version of Android OS. The latest Samsung Galaxy is the Samsung Galaxy S10. It also comes in S10+ and S10 5G variants. (5G is coming in February 2020)

The benchmark for smartphones, the S10 features an Octa-core processor (either Snapdragon or Exynos), 6 or 8GB of RAM, MicroSD support for 512GB, 128/256GB of onboard storage, and runs Android 9.0 “Pie” out of the box. IT also has a 12MP telephoto camera with optical image stabilisation, 12MP wide-angle camera, and a 16MP ultra wide camera with 3D depth camera. It has 10MP front and 8MP depth “selfie” camera. The display is a 3040x1440p dynamic AMOLED capacitive touchscreen.

In 2011, Samsung produced a new form-factor for business and productivity named the Samsung Galaxy Note. The mid-point between a tablet (over 7” screen size) and a phone (usually 4”-5” at the time) proved popular, with incremental updates being issued year on year. The latest Samsung Galaxy Note is the Note 10.

Samsung’s popularity is not limited to their flagship Galaxy S series. They also produce lower-cost, mid-range and budget smartphones for developing markets or cost-conscious users.

The Galaxy A (Alpha) series appeared in 2014, and at present (the Samsung Galaxy A10, 30, and 90) is a 4G enabled smartphone which has a triple-lens camera and running Android 9.0 “Pie.” However, costs are lowered due to using a Full HD (1080p) display instead of QHD (1440p.)

Other phones in the Galaxy line-up are the Galaxy J “Junior” series of smaller-form factor phones and its successor the Galaxy M “Millennial” budget phones. An experimental Galaxy Fold phone was released in September 2019, which features a 7.3” flexible screen.

Samsung Post-Paid Mobile Plans

Samsung phones, especially the premium Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 10, are not cheap. The launch price to buy a Galaxy S10 outright was $1299USD.

The usual way to get your hands on a new Samsung phone is to have it included in your mobile phone contract, known as a Post Paid plan. The “big three” network operators generally offer these types of plans.

These types of plans are typically 12, 24 or 36 months in length so you may pay off the phone in installments.

Some plans are available without a lock-in contract. For example, you can get Telstra offers Samsung plans where you agree to pay off the device month by month but have the option to upgrade at a time of your choosing.

Some plans allow the flexibility of a zero or little upfront payment for your Samsung Galaxy while giving you a new model at the end of your contract. (providing the old one is returned in good condition).

Post Paid Phone Plans also generally cost a bit more per month than plans that don’t include a new device. Some prices reflect the network charges and the phone repayment.

Note: some plans may charge you a contract cancellation or “exit” fee. This may also require you to pay off the device in full before finding a new plan.

Getting a Samsung on a Post Paid plans can offer lots of benefits. These include:

  • Not having to pay for a Samsung phone outright;
  • Inclusions such as unlimited or large data allowances that is either capped or uncapped;
  • “Use now, pay later” model: you get to use the services you want now, and pay at the end of the month;
  • you are provided with greater reliability in that you don’t have to worry about running out of service like a Pre Paid plan.

Samsung SIM only Post Paid Plans

A Samsung SIM only Post Paid plan does not come with a “free” handset. You will need to provide your own Samsung mobile phone either buying one outright, second-hand, or using an existing model you already own.

SIM Only plans are available from the major networks, Mobile Virtual Network Operators, and smaller retailers.

These operate in the same way as Post Paid plan, except you are not paying off a handset each month. The price reflects the cost of the service. As such, the prices are much lower compared to Samsung mobile phone plans.

These are ideal if you want to keep using your current device and want a better value deal or if you’re waiting for the next “giant leap” in technology (such as 5G) before committing to another handset contract.

Many SIM Only Post Paid plans do not lock you into a lengthy contract, so you may terminate your contract with no penalty.

Samsung Pre Paid Plans

Pre Paid Plans never include a new device and are therefore always SIM Only. These plans require you to pay in advance for the services you want to use, rather than after you’ve used them. This means that once your data runs out or expires you will need to top it up before you can continue using your Samsung phone.

These plans do not lock you into a contract and you will not have to worry about exit fees. These are good plans if you are on a tighter budget and want a set amount to call, text, or use data each month, quarter, or year, etc.

How to use the Econnex comparison engine


To find your ideal Samsung mobile phone plan, select ‘personal’ from the Connection Type dropdown and select your preferences from the other two dropdown boxes. You will also need to set the sliders for your preferred data and price ranges, then press ‘Start’ to return a range of plans that match your needs.


Business Samsung plans will either give you a new device or are SIM Only Post Paid. To find plans to match your needs select the Business (1-9 Connections) option from the comparison engine Connection Type dropdown. Also enter your preferences from the other two dropdown boxes, set the sliders how much you’d like to pay and your data requirements, then press ‘Start’ to see what Samsung plans are on offer for your business.

If you want to take advantage of the latest Samsung technology, are looking for a capable Samsung handset or just want to find a better deal overall, we have the answers. Our comparison engine is simple to use, hassle-free, and returns results based on your preferences – not special interests. Add your information in the search boxes and start saving on Samsung mobiles today.

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