Top 10 Winter Energy Saving Tips

Beat the cold without exhausting your pockets by swearing by these proven winter energy saving tips.

10 Easy Energy Saving Tips this Winter

Published on 27/11/2023

By Rajesh Kumawat

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Here come the shorter and colder days!  

There is plenty that we love about the winter season but paying for the skyrocketing heating bills in an attempt to stay comfortably warm isn’t one of them. In fact, Australian Energy Council Research suggests that Aussies tend to pay $200 more for electricity in winter than in summer. So, inarguably, we could all be found justifiably guilty of hunting the internet for Winter Energy Saving Tips to rescue us from burning a hole in our pockets.  

But lucky for you, your search ends here. This blog breaks it down to ten tried and trusted tips to help you beat the cold without paying a buck more than you should. Scroll on! 

10 Essential Winter Energy-Saving Tips and Tricks 

Some of these tips can be incorporated in a flick of a finger, and some might ask you to turn to energy-efficient measures and appliances. But each one can be trusted to help provide some essential relief for households by saving big on energy use. Decide for yourself: 

1. Be Smart with Your Thermostat Use

Avoid the temptation to heat the room any more than you need to or you’ll end up hurting your pockets. Set your thermostat between 18 to 20 degrees Celsius because every extra degree costs you 10 % more energy. Further, another simple (yet often neglected) tip to save electricity in winter would be turning off the power-hungry heater at the switch when not in use and only warming up the occupied rooms. 

2. Don’t let Expensive Energy Escape away through Leaks

The first step towards being energy efficient is preventing it from escaping away through those annoying leaks or cracks around windows and doors. Here are some smart measures to mitigate those losses:

  1. Draught Proofing: Sealing unintended openings via draught proofing can save you a whopping 25% of your heating bills. 
  2. Quality Curtains and Blinds: Investing in quality curtains and blinds can keep you from losing 40% of heating energy. Simply swap your regular fabrics with insulated ones and make curtains with thermal lining your new home essential. 
  3. Ceiling Insulation: Enough of letting the heat escape away through the roofs! Install a ceiling insulation and reduce your winter heat loss by 25 to 35%. 
  4. Double Glaze Windows: Double glazing your windows, i.e., installing two layers of glass instead of just one might solve all your heat loss woes once and for all. 

3. Rely on a Water-Efficient Showerhead 

A lot of energy saving tips in winter will boil down to doing something about your water heating costs. But this is the easiest of them all. Simply install a water-efficient showerhead in your bathroom and you could end up saving up to $160 on your energy and water bills. Also, no matter how tempted you are to hang around, aim for shorter showers (even try setting a timer if that helps).

4. Simply Shut the Doors and Curtains 

We understand how it might come across as one of the more self-evident energy saving tips in winter out there but we can’t stress this enough: SHUT THOSE DOORS AND LOWER THOSE CURTAINS of unattended rooms. That will keep the uninvited currents of cold air from creeping in (especially during the dusk) and precious heat from escaping from your room. Don’t forget the bathrooms and laundries especially, since they tend to be cooler.

5. Warm Clothes, Blankets, and Rugs are your Saviours

Nothing is more comforting than layering up piles of warm clothes- and cozying up in thick blankets and rugs during the winter. The best part? They don’t consume any energy while helping you beat the cold. So, feel free to rely heavily on them to keep your thermostat as low as possible (and now you know how to save electricity in winter for free!) 

6. Readjust the Water Heater Thermostat 

You might not realise this but water heaters tend to be the second-highest source of energy usage in your home. Moreover, you don’t even need your water heater’s thermostat to be set that high most times (unless you shower with scorching hot water). The whole operation of a water heater relies on cycling on and off. It begins by heating the water to a specific temperature and then reheating it to maintain that (even when not in active use). So, you could easily save some hard-earned bucks by merely lowering the temperature of your heater by a few degrees without feeling any significant difference.

Explore Right Size of Water Heater for Your Needs 

7. Ditch the Conventional Gas Heaters for Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner 

Modern problems require modern solutions, and an energy-efficient Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner serves as a prime example. Its USP lies in its heating mechanism. While those old (and inefficient) gas heaters of yesteryear create heat energy, a reverse cycle air conditioner (like the name suggests) absorbs heat from the outside to warm up the inside, consuming much less energy in the process. So, if you’re looking for cost-effective tips to save electricity in winter, make the switch right away! 

Which is Better? AC or Fan?

8. Use your Appliances Efficiently  

Being smart with your appliance use is the need of the hour to save energy this winter! And we have you covered: 

  1. Rotate the Ceiling Fan Counterclockwise: Ceiling fans aren’t just for summer. On some days, you can ditch your heater entirely by opting to warm up the room with a ceiling fan operating in reverse motion. It draws the cool air that accumulates on the ground upwards and returns it to us all warm. 
  2. Leave the Oven Door Open: The next time you use your oven, don’t close the door right away. Instead, let some heat slip away and warm up your kitchen without the extra use of electricity. 
  3. Maintain your appliances: A Winter Energy Saving Tip to ensure that you’re using your heating systems at their best efficiency is cleaning them regularly, scheduling their routine service, and replacing heat pump filters when needed. 

Check Energy Sucker Home Appliances

9. Soak Up the Sun 

Consider the sun as your best friend during winter. Don’t rely entirely on power-hungry heaters to keep you warm. Go out, soak in some doses of Vitamin D, let the winter sun warm up your spaces for free, and save some precious energy in the process. Needless to say, the heat energy from the sun also comes in handy while drying your clothes, saving you from resorting to a clothes dryer. 

10. Last but not Least, Shop Around for a Better Deal 

If lately, you’ve found yourself paying much more than you should be on energy, chances are that YOU ARE! That is your cue to start surfing for a better deal with us. Econnex makes the journey of finding an energy plan that best serves its users super seamless and cost-effective in a matter of a few clicks. So, comparing the plans of our wide panel of energy retailers and finding the one that best caters to your budget and household needs would be your final tip to save electricity in winter. 

Winter Energy Saving Tips: Simplify Your Savings with Econnex

High-end heating costs during winter have always been a point of concern in Aussie households. While entirely escaping from them is never an option, you most definitely can cut down on the costs by resorting to some Winter Energy Saving Tips. From regular measures you can undertake for free to cost-effective ones that will remain fruitful in the long run, we have covered them all and more. 

Besides that, Econnex is always by your side to help you take charge of your spending. Compare your options from a wide pool of energy retailers and switch seamlessly in a matter of a few clicks!

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