What Is The Average Electricity Bill People Are Paying In QLD

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What Is The Average Electricity Bill People Are Paying In QLD

Published on 17/04/2024

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The scenic state of Queensland is a top choice for Aussies to reside in, whether you credit its idyllic landscapes or vibrant lifestyle for that. However, despite that, reading through the power bills each month (or every few months) remains a nightmare for many. We’re sure you know why (first-hand experience counts for something, after all!). Besides, we also know what you often wonder: “Is that the actual average electricity bill in Queensland or is it just me overpaying?”

Well, it’s only fair to compare your bills to those of other households to examine whether you’re really getting a good deal. For all that we know, it might even help you detect if there is an issue with your bills— after all, if your power bill is triple the cost of the state average (with no obvious reason as to why), then that’s something worth investigating!

Luckily, we’re here to help you to get to the bottom of this. Let us discuss the average electricity bill in Queensland extensively, the possible factors that can influence it, and help you decide whether it’s time to switch.

What is the Average Electricity Bill in QLD?

It should come as no shocker that electricity is the most expensive utility across Australia. Unfortunately, the state of Queensland is no exception. In fact, Spoiler Alert: residents of Queensland pay the highest for electricity compared to the other states. Wondering how much? Well, going by a general data that takes into account all household sizes, the average electricity bill in Queensland is estimated to be around $458 per quarter.

However, always remember that this figure is meant for reference purposes only. Actual prices can vary not only by virtue of several factors (that we’re saving to discuss in the end) but also depending on the source of your information. We don’t make any fixed claims around the accuracy of this data.

What is the average electricity bill in Australia, state-wise?

Now that you’re aware that the residents of Queensland pay the highest for electricity, we’re sure you’d be curious to know how big the difference is. Well, going by a market research, here is a state-wise snapshot of average electricity prices in Australia, considering all household sizes:


Average Electricity Bill (Quarterly) 

Western Australia 






New South Wales 


South Australia 


While Queensland's average bills are the most high-end, New South Wales is also not very far away in the list. It is then succeeded by South Australia, Victoria, and finally, Western Australia. 

Please note that this data, again, is for reference purposes only. The actual data could vary depending upon the source of information.  

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Possible reasons for the high average electricity bill Brisbane

We’re not exaggerating when we say this (although we wish we were) but the average percentage of Aussies who have experienced a bill shock in QLD is 42%. Among those, 73% alone were those who experienced an energy bill shock. We know what you’re wondering: “What’s causing these high prices?” The list of reasons that can influence electricity bills, quite evidently, is long. So, without any further ado, let us walk you through each one of them: 

Electricity Usage 

The average electricity bill in Brisbane is just an average estimate of what Aussies pay to avail electricity, which is subject to variations. Most of all, the amount of electricity each household consumes affects their energy bill. So if it’s been burning a hole in your pockets lately, it might be the right time to re-evaluate your electricity usage. From the inefficient use of appliances to the large size of households, any factor could prove to be responsible. On average, a 2 or 3-person household in Queensland is estimated to be consuming around 5650 kWh of electricity. 

Household Size 

The number of people per household can have a real impact on a household’s average electricity bill – more people equals more appliances in use, more lights on, and more devices to charge. Let us share how the average quarterly bills as per household size differ across Australia (which can serve as a guideline for Queensland residents as well) 

Household Size 

Average Electricity Bill per Quarter 









5 or more 


While a person living alone can expect an average quarterly bill of $307, having another person move in will increase power costs by around $16.

By the time you have 4 people living together the average electricity bill will increase to over $358, while a large family of 6 will likely move down to $338 per year.

Hence, quite evidently, the average electricity bill in Brisbane per person will be way less than what a family of two, three, or four can expect to pay.

Explore How to find the best energy deals


If energy bills have been draining your wallet lately, the solution could be as simple as switching to an energy-efficient appliance. However, that’s not all. It is equally important to use them wisely. Never make the rookie mistake of letting them consume energy on standby (and further hurt your pockets). Always switch off every appliance that you use on the wall.


Energy tariffs refer to the pricing structures and rates that energy providers charge consumers for electricity or gas usage. These tariffs can vary based on several factors such as consumption levels, time of usage, location, meter installed, and the type of energy plan chosen.

Age group

If we go by the data from past years, the younger generation in Australia tends to pay much more for electricity than the elder generation. That’s most certainly because senior citizens are eligible to enjoy additional discounts and government rebates on their power bills. Besides, the younger generation often lives in rental properties and, as a result, is quite restricted from accessing efficient technologies like solar systems as opposed to old people.

Electricity Plan (and the provider)

It often comes down to the electricity plan and provider you choose. If you’re not getting a good deal, it will definitely reflect on your power bill. However, to take the competition head-on, many retailers offer tempting discounts or lower-than-average prices. Consider that as your cue to make the switch if your current energy prices are giving you a difficult time.

Don’t settle for an average deal- Compare with Econnex

It goes without saying that you’ll only be in a good position to tell whether your current electricity bill is high-end or not once you have a slight idea about the average electricity bill Brisbane. In fact, many electricity providers issue crucial information in the final bill statements to help you compare your bills to those living nearby. In the event that you realise you’re overpaying for your current energy plan, Econnex will be right by your side to help you switch. We offer you a platform to weigh your best options from a diverse panel of the most prestigious retailers in Australia to pave your way towards the one that best fits your budget.

Energy Comparison
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