Learn More About Your LPG Practices

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Learn More About Your LPG Practices

Published on 13/09/2023

By Amita Hemkar

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Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) has hundreds of applications. LPG cylinders are usually used for cooking or heating water in households Learning about bottled gas is not only limited to its uses but also know the safety measures to avoid mishaps. You pretty much need to start with the basics. It’s not much of a hassle to manage Gas cylinders.

Avoid these common errors and you’ll keep your gas flowing like a pro.

  • Not ordering when the first bottle runs out

Usually, the supplier provides two cylinders in order to avoid the wait time to replace the empty one. It’s best to order a fresh cylinder before the other one runs out.

  • Forgetting to keep an eye on your gas levels

Monitor gas level of your bottles regularly. Measure the gas levels using the hot water test by pouring hot water down the cylinder while your gas appliance is in use, then run your hand down the cylinder. You will feel cool to the touch at the level of gas. Larger tanks usually have a gauge which measures how much gas is left.

  • Not providing clear access for delivery

Always provide easy access to your supplier to deliver your cylinder. Gates should be unlocked and anything blocking access like your driveway need to be cleared. If you have pets make sure they’re restrained and tell your provider in advance so they can make a note for deliveries.

  • Changing your usage, but not your refills

If you’re using more gas appliances, your usage will most likely go up. Contemplate on the need to change up the frequency of your gas orders.  If you’re on a regular refill schedule, give your supplier a call to let them know of any changes.

  • Paying too much

Instability in the price of LPG can make it difficult to balance your budget. Keep a check on the rate at which you are getting your cylinders

LPG is an integral part of your daily life. Make sure you get the right supply to suit your needs.

Energy Comparison
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