Power Outage Guidelines

Stay prepared during power outages! Follow these essential guidelines for safety, readiness, and quick recovery.

Power Outage Guidelines

Published on 14/11/2023

By Kalpana Sisodia

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If the power goes out, most of you panic before you manage to find your hidden torch and candles, while trying to remember if you pay your last energy bills. Nothing to worry because this is not the only cause of power outage guidelines. It might be due to heavy rains, storm or maybe your distributor doing their maintenance. It’s very inconvenient, frustrating and can be dangerous for you and for your family so, it’s better to be alert and prepare at all.

How should you prepare for a Power Outage?

A power outage can occur at the most inconvenient time so, it’s a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected and to have an energy plan and kit, including:

  • A fully charged mobile phone that doesn’t need electricity to operate. Make sure you have an updated contact number of your energy supplier, distributor, local council, emergency assistance, fire department, and flood and storm information hotline.
  • Candles, torch or a battery-operated light as your alternative lighting during a blackout.
  • Battery-powered radio, it’s important to stay tuned to news and get updates on weather conditions and power outages.
  • Keep clean water and non-perishable foods like canned goods, pasta, cereals.
  • Prepare a first aid kit and fire extinguisher.

Handy Tip: It’s better to leave at least one light on so you’ll know immediately when the power comes back.

What should you do during Power Outage?

Stay safe and informed.

News updates help you to be informed about the power outage and weather conditions. It’s necessary, as well to report all electricity fault that you encounter regardless of how huge it is. Contact your local energy distributor or a professional electrician to fix it immediately. You and your family’s safety must be the priority. Be alert!

Leave the fridge door well-sealed to keep the cold air in to prevent spoilage.

When a power outage occurs move food from the fridge to the freezer. If perishable food is still cold to touch, less than 5°C, it is still safe to use. During a blackout, avoid to open fridge door when it’s unnecessary, this will keep the food and fridge’s temperature colder for a longer period of time.

Take care if you have a preexisting medical condition.

If a family member needs an interrupted supply of power because of medical conditions, contact your electricity company to inform you in advance in case there is a power outage. Most importantly, make sure that you have a backup source of energy in times of prolonged power outage such as a generator or solar power.

Turn off and unplug electrical devices.

Lightning strikes and power surge can damage your electronic appliances. You must protect your devices and your home too by making a round trip to your entire house and ensure all electronic devices unplugged before a storm hit.

Be a good neighbor.

Lastly, when everything is settled in your home, offer assistance to your neighbor, especially to those elderly and people with disabilities.

Quick Fact: Your energy retailer manages your energy account, while an energy distributor is responsible for maintaining energy infrastructure and restoring power in your area.

You cannot switch your electricity distributor as it relies on where you live. Instead, choose energy retailer which can offer more than what you’re receiving. Visit Econnex for more details.

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