Tips to Protect Your Kids From Electrical Hazards

Keep your kids safe from electrical risks! Use outlet covers, educate them about safety, and secure cords. Prioritize childproofing for peace of mind.

Protect Your Kids From Electricity Hazards

Published on 07/12/2023

By Ajay Singh Rathore

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Your family, especially your kid are the most precious gift for you. And, it is part of being a kid to be curious about whatever catches their attention. Children tend to touch anything, and that’s why they are vulnerable to all the dangers that come with around your home. It is very difficult to keep an eye on them at all times, however, as parents, it’s part of your job to keep them out of harmful things, such as power.

One thing to keep them safe from the hazards of electricity is to implement safety precautions. Here are some safety tips you can do to protect your little ones at home from electricity.

Use electrical cover for outlets

Kid's little fingers can fit in anywhere and electrical outlets always seem to be the most perfect place to insert them. Place electrical covers in all the electrical outlets that are low to the ground and which are in reach of children.

Keep liquids away from power sources

As we know, water and electricity do not go well together. A little splash of water on electronics can be dangerous. Make sure that you clear the bathroom of any electronic devices like a hairdryer, shaver, or even your phone when you are about to bathe your child. Never allow your little ones to be near an outlet or devices when they are carrying a drink that could possibly spill onto a power board or outlet. Do not let them touch electronic devices with wet hands as even if it’s turned off or unplugged it can still cause electrical shocks if water contact is made.

Cords safety

All homes are full of electronic devices which have their own cord. There is a part of your home where there are many power cords and power bars. Make sure that you keep these out of the child’s reach. Put barriers around this area or tie up the cables. On removing power cords, you should pull the plug only and not the cord.

Keep kids away from living currently

Kids love to play with objects and this might lead them to electrical danger. They tend to insert a small metal object in the toaster, or damaged power cords or wire caught their attention and touch or worse put it in their mouth. These are some worse scenarios that might happen in your home. So, what you can do is clear the area before allowing your children to run around the house. Remove and unplug all electrical devices and stuff that can be reached. Keep kids away from damaged electrical wires or faulty appliances that can lead to injury.

Ask professionals for help

Yes, as parents you have to prioritize your children’s safety, but it is not part of it to put yourself at risk. If you have faulty electrical appliances do not attempt to repair them. Do not touch or attempt to repair a loose, cracked, or broken power switch instead, cover it immediately and contact a professional and licensed electrician to fix it for you. In addition to this, follow the manufacturer’s procedure for installing new electrical appliances in your home better and ask for assistance.

Make your child aware

Electrical accidents can be avoided if you educate your children from an early age. Explain the hazards of electricity by showing them videos and pictures. Demonstrate and teach them some safety tips to avoid an electrical hazard. It will help them to understand the risks and the right behavior around electricity.

Also, remind your children to ask your supervision when dealing with electricity. Tell them that they should never touch electrical appliances or plug-in gadgets without your guidance.

First Aid

Did you know that 77 percent of childhood electrical injuries happened at home? As accidents are uncontrollable situations it is a good idea to be prepared whenever it happens. You should have a first aid “survival” plan ready when these accidents occur.

 In case of an electric shock accident:

  • Never touch or even approach the victim until you assure the area is safe from any electrical hazards.
  • Turn off the main power to prevent any other injury, this will allow you and the others to approach the victim without any risk of an electric shock.
  • Call emergency services (000 or 112) or go to the nearest hospital in your area.

 In case of electrical burns accident:

  • Put the burnt area under running water for at least 20 minutes
  • Leave any blisters alone.
  • Do not apply anything to the burn, such as ointment, cream, oil, butter, spray, or any other household remedy, water will do.
  • Call an ambulance right away and keep the victim lying down and make sure they’re not in danger from another source.

Spend some time today to look around for potential electricity hazards at your home. Start implementing these tips to ensure your children’s safety. Your home must be the safest place for your little ones.

For more safety tips related to electricity.  Visit Econnex.

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