The Victorian Default Offer Makes Electricity Bills Fair

Equity in energy bills! Discover the Victorian Default Offer, ensuring fairness for households in electricity pricing.

The Victorian Default Offer Makes Electricity Bills Fair

Published on 19/11/2023

By Zohaib Khan

Energy Comparison

Victorian Default Offer

We’re making energy cost courteous for Victorian households and businesses.

From 1 July 2019, if you are on a simple standing offer for your electricity, you will be rolled over to a better, fairer plan. It’s termed as the Victorian Default Offer or the VDO.

It could save you hundreds of dollars.

How much can you Save?

A typical household could save up to $450 per year when compared with the median standing offer in your area. A typical small business could save up to $2,050 each year.

Why are we introducing the Victorian Default Offer?

The Victorian Default Offer is presented after a fair evaluation into energy prices noticed that Victorians were spending higher than they should for electricity.

The VDO is part of the government’s Energy Fairness Plan to make the electricity market simpler and more affordable for all consumers.

How do you know if you’re on a simple standing offer?

From 1 July, your energy provider must automatically move customers on existing simple standing offers to the VDO. If you think you haven’t been moved, you can call your energy provider or check your next electricity bill.

If you don’t know which deal you’re on, your provider may have automatically put you on a costly flat tariff standing offer for electricity. These standing offers are set by the energy provider and are usually much higher than the energy provider’s initial cheaper deal.

Energy Comparison
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