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How Econnex Comparison Works for Compare Mobile Plan

Econnex Comparison offers a filtering system in their comparison engine, meaning that you only see the products and offers that match what you want and need. Econnex Comparison helps you to select a cheap mobile phone plan that will provide the most value for the price. This could be the price in terms of monthly call inclusions, data allowances, overage prices, and contract length. You’ll be able to directly compare plans and prices that match your preferences, taken from our long list of Australian mobile providers. You can find out more about newer models and alternatives using our comparison service.

Once your result screen loads, you can make further changes to your plan requirements such as network or data inclusions, for example. Instead of showing overall costs, Econnex Comparison will show you how much you could save over your current plan in real dollar terms. This may vary whether you are on a post-paid contract or not, as some providers may require you to pay out a contract before moving to a new provider. IF you need more details, you can click through to a provider’s website for further information including product disclosure statements and other terms and conditions.

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The Comparison Engine Filters

Connection Type

The Connection Type dropdown gives two options to customers: Personal or Business (1-9 Connections). If you are a business owner or ABN holder, you are eligible to select the Business connection option. If you are simply browsing as a consumer, please select the Personal connection options

Filter even further

Once you’ve begun your search and the results are displayed on your screen, you have the option to add even more filters including contract terms and your desired telco provider.

You can even adjust your original filter settings, just click, un-tick or slide to customise your results right there – no reloading or waiting for the page to catch up. Instant results, instantly customised to your needs.

Reliable recommendations that fit your mobile wants and needs, that’s what the Econnex comparison engine does for customers. Get started today and see the great deals that you could be getting and money you could be saving.

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