Keep your existing device while getting a better deal with a SIM Only Plan.

SIM Only Plans are an affordable and accessible option for anyone, allowing customers to keep their existing device but upgrade their mobile phone experience – and at less of a cost. With a SIM Only Plan (sometimes called Bring Your Own or BYO Plans) you don’t get a new phone as part of the deal – just a SIM connected to the provider’s network. This makes the plan cheaper as you’re not paying for a new device but only for the service itself.

These types of plans usually offer all or most of the features of a 24-month contract plan, but without the new device included. And with SIM Only, you can pick from among a wide range of plans to find the one that best suits your needs.

SIM Only Plans come with options for a postpaid contract or for a prepaid plan where you buy credit in advance or as you go. They also offer flexibility in that the SIM can easily be transferred from one device to another. This means if you decide to purchase a new phone you only need to remove the SIM from your old phone and insert it in the new one, without any interruption to your service or need to change your existing phone number.

How to find the best SIM Only Plan for you.

Econnex independently owned comparison engines provide an array of options from telcos all over the country. The facts are there, it’s easy to follow and Econnex lets you see how much you’ll save in real dollars, not a percentage. The plans available are always current and up-to-date, so you won’t miss top deals as soon as they hit the market. Don’t settle for average data allowances or limits on phone calls, secure the plan that suits you best with just a few clicks of the comparison engine.

Is a SIM Only Plan right for me?


Are you looking for a better mobile experience and more inclusions on your plan, but don’t want to lock into a contract or purchase a new device? The SIM Only Plan has got just the freedom and options you’re looking for.

Because you are bringing your own device, you are only paying for the services you want or for additional upgraded mobile services like International Calls or Data Roaming. And depending on your contract term, you can change your plan as often as your plans change.

Why choose SIM Only?

There is a range of situations where you might choose a SIM Only Plan. For example, you might choose SIM Only where you:

  • like your current device and want to keep using it, but you want a better deal or a more flexible plan from your provider;
  • are waiting on the release of a new phone and need a temporary plan to tide you over;
  • decide to pass your device onto your kids or other family member;
  • are just not interested in the latest whiz-bang phone or in long-term contracts that lock you in for two years;
  • decide to switch providers to take up a better offer.

It’s important to note that if you choose to switch providers to get a better deal, your existing phone needs to be unlocked from your current provider’s network which may incur a fee. With a Telstra prepaid phone for example you will be charged to unlock a locked phone within the first two years of the plan.

To unlock your phone from your provider’s website you will first need its IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) 15-digit code. This can be found on the sticker on the back of your phone, and you can also find it by dialing *#06# from your mobile.

Types of SIM Only plans

There are plenty of SIM Only Plans available, including month-to-month, prepaid and 12-month contracts.

  • Month-to-month are non-contract plans that you can exit whenever you want. However, they may offer less data than, for example, a 12-month contract plan.
  • Prepaid are plans where you pay for credit in advance for the next billing period (30 days for example) before recharging. Some plans allow you to automatically recharge each billing cycle or when your credit gets down to a pre-determined level.
  • 12-month contract plans tend to be cheaper than prepaid, charging a set monthly price for a maximum amount of data or a ‘cap’. If you do exceed your cap however you will need to pay more for any extra data.

If you don’t need much data on your device or you just want to use your phone for calls and texts, a cheap SIM Only Plan might suit you. There are cheap mobile plans offering limited data starting at only a few dollars a month. These types of plans could also be great for kids.

There are also unlimited plans available which offer as much as 120GB of data at high speeds and additional data at lower speeds. Unlimited plans can start at around $45 per month depending on what plans are available.

Which plan is for you?

To decide on the best SIM Only personal plan you will need to consider a range of factors – such as which Telco you normally prefer or that is available in your region (Telstra, Optus or Vodafone), how you intend using your device, how much data and what inclusions you would like in your plan, and your available budget.

For example, you might prefer a cheap SIM Only Plan with limited inclusions if you are passing a used phone onto your child, or you could decide on a 12-month plan if you want to control your monthly spend and keep costs consistent.

You might also decide to upgrade your plan if, for example, you find you often go over your data cap, or you would like extra inclusions such as credit for international calls.

Compare the array of SIM Only Plan available, either as no lock-in month-to-month plans or 12 month contracts with extra inclusions, and choose the plan that best suits you.

For more information on SIM Only personal plans, select the Personal option from the comparison engine Connection Type dropdown. The engine also allows you to set the maximum you want to spend and the minimum of data you need by moving the sliders, and to choose between providers from the Provider dropdown. Changing these settings allows you to test out as many different scenarios as you wish.


Business owners may also decide to keep their existing device(s) and take up an offer of a SIM Only Plan for up to nine connections.

SIM Only Business Plans offer extra data allowances, international roaming packs for data and calls, as well as included application and streaming allowances. With some plans data can also be pooled and shared among connections.

For more information on Business plans and inclusions, select the Business (1-9 Connections) option from the comparison engine Connection Type dropdown. You can filter the results by moving the slider to set the minimum data and maximum spend for each month, and by selecting your preferred provider from the dropdown on the right.

If you’re unhappy with your current plan but still love your current device, a mobile SIM Only Plan could be the solution you’ve been searching for. Compare prices and products today to start enjoying your mobile experience once again.

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