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The ECA reported in December 2017 that over a third of customers have never switched their energy provider. Most energy companies have their benefit period as 12 months after which there would be no discounts apply to your usage and supply charges. Only 23% of NSW residents switched their energy provider in 2017-2018 which makes it official that most of us are not paying enough attention to our energy bills and hence bearing the high cost. Therefore, if you don't shop around every 12 months then it is most likely that you are paying more than you should1.

Three different regulatory bodies have come out and said it – Australia’s energy market is anything but competitive. First, it was the ACCC and IPART – now the AEMC have found that there are savings of up to $1,500 a year2 for Aussies switching from the worst available offer to the best.
Did you switch your energy provider in the last 12 months?
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Econnex has helped me to reduce my energy bills. Teressa lives in Bathurst and has saved $380 per annum.
We never compared in the last 5 years. Switched to a new provider to save $820 per annum.Matt lives Bowral and enjoys his saving
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Econnex is an Australian owned independent energy comparison system. Econnex has helped more than 180,000 people comparing their energy bills in the last 12 months. We are proud to say that 40% of our customers to find a cheaper plan on our engine. Econnex has designed their online journey in a way that one can compare and swith their energy providers under 10 minutes.
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As per State of Energy Market Report, spread switching from the worst to the best offer in NSW.