Add a device to your plan or enjoy paying for what you actually use with a Post Paid Plan

A Post Paid Plan is where you pay a set amount of dollars at the end of each billing period (usually monthly) for a set amount of services (calls, data, texts).

Post Paid Plans allows complete freedom with your mobile usage, even adding on a brand new mobile device for a monthly fee is possible – all you need to do is pay at the end of the month.

These types of plans can be casual e.g. month-to-month where there is no lock-in contract, or they can involve committing to a fixed-length contract such as 12 or 24 months. Some plans come with a new mobile device, while others are SIM-Only where you bring your own device.

With a Post Paid Plan, you get to use your data and credit now and pay later, rather than having to pay upfront. This means you don’t have to worry about running out of credit.

How to find top deals on a Post Paid Plan.

Econnex comparison engine operates independently, which means the recommendations and deals you see are the real deal. There’s no bias, percentages or preference, just easy to follow, clear comparisons of the top deals in the market – and your savings shown in real dollar amounts. Whether you’re looking at upgrading your phone and plan benefits, or just the plan itself, the option best for you is just a search away.

Is a Post Paid Plan right for me?


Are you done paying for mobile services you don’t need or use? Has your current phone finally given out and needs replacing? If so the flexibility of a Post Paid Plan and all the additional services you can include sounds right up your alley.

A Post Paid Plan allows you to pay for your phone usage at the end of a monthly billing cycle. An additional fee can be charged each month to subsidise a new mobile device into your contract, allowing you to get a brand new phone for just a little extra more each month. You can also setup an automatic data top-up through certain telco providers, meaning you won’t run out of data at the last minute and when you really need it most.

Post Paid Plans can be chosen as a month-to-month option or contracted for 12, 24 or 36 months depending on the telco provider and whether or not a device is included. With all these options available, all you have to do is decide on the best one for you. Generally speaking however, you would need to consider a longer-term plan (24 months or more) if you decide you want a new device as part of the deal.

Most Post Paid Plans come with unlimited standard national calls and texts, and differing amounts of data and international calls. Some plans provide incentives for committing to a contract, by offering excellent deals you might not otherwise find – such as more data and international calls credit for less cost. Some telcos will also offer special promotional deals for new customers in exchange for committing to a fixed term contract.

Why choose a Post Paid Plan?

You might choose Post Paid if you:

  • need a new phone and don’t want to pay for it outright;
  • would like services that you can use now and pay for later, whether you need a new phone or not;
  • are willing to commit to a fixed-length contract in order to get a better deal;
  • want a top deal SIM-Only Plan where you can continue using your existing phone and phone number;
  • are reliant on your device and don’t want to be concerned about running out of data and having to top up as you go;
  • are a medium-to-heavy user of your device.

Which plan should you choose?

Which plan you choose will depend on how much data you use each month, whether you want a phone included or are happy with SIM-Only, your budget, which telco you prefer (Optus, Telstra, or Vodafone) and possibly other factors. You should also consider what happens if you exceed your data allowance – such as whether you can adjust your plan or switch to a new plan without paying a penalty.

There is a lot of competition amongst telcos to get new customers right now, which means there’s very wide range of plans for you to choose from! For example, there are cheap plans offering a few gigabytes of data (e.g. 5GB) up to large and more expensive plans offering as much as 100GB a month. If you regularly make international calls you will need to factor this in as well when selecting a suitable plan.

Selecting the right plan is a matter of understanding how you use your device and how much data and other inclusions you will need.

Choosing a plan is easy with our comparison engine, and it doesn’t cost you anything. All you need to do is select the desired options from each of the comparison engine dropdown boxes, and then use the accompanying sliders to set your maximum spend and minimum desired data. The engine will then select the best plans to match your selections.


There are also many types of Post Paid Plans available to suit businesses of all types and sizes. There are business plans that offer competitive rates on device repayments, extra data allowances, international roaming packs for data and calls, as well as included application and streaming allowances. Some business plans also come with the option of data sharing between connections.

Business mobile plans range from month-to-month with no lock-in contracts right up to 12 to 36 month fixed contract agreements. And just as for personal plans, there are Post Paid Plans for businesses that are SIM-Only or that come with phone deals included, depending on your needs.

For more information on Business plans and inclusions, select the Business (1-9 Connections) option from the comparison engine Connection Type dropdown, set the sliders for maximum spend and minimum data required then press ‘Start’. The engine will then work out the best plans to suit your needs.

If it’s time to upgrade your old device, add in more benefits to your plan or if you’re simply ready for a change, Econnex help make the first step so much easier. Enter in your requirements to the search engine above and see what’s new for you.

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