Glenunga is an inner southeastern suburb of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. It is located in the City of Burnside, five kilometres southeast of the Adelaide city centre. The name Glenunga is a composite of Aboriginal and Scottish words, “unga” meaning near and “glen” from the nearby Glen Osmond Bounded on the north by Windsor Road. Best places to be in Glenunga are Fullarton, Myrtle Bank, St Georges and Urrbrae. Some suburb around Glenunga is Myrtle Bank and Glen Osmond.

Energy Retailers in Glenunga

Energy retailers available here are EnergyAustralia, Alinta, Powershop, Energy Locals.

Distributors in Glenunga

SA Power Network for electricity and Australian Gas Network Adelaide for gas

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Solar Panel: Should you have one? >

Countless customers use solar energy as it is one of the most efficient sources of electricity these days. Most of us prefer to have solar power because of the rapid increase in energy cost in the country….

Energy Sucker Appliances >

I charge my drained phone, open the fridge and look for food to ease my hunger, switch on the TV to watch my favorite TV series, I turn on my WIFI modem and laptop to check social media updates, and these are just a few of my daily routines whenever I reach home after work…

Preview on NEG >

Like 20 years ago we had some of the cheapest power in the world. We are one of the world’s biggest coal and gas exporters. The transition from coal to renewables has been poorly managed from the start…

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Employee’s wages and benefits, rental fees, tax, equipment, internet services, ELECTRICITY BILLS and more. These are some factors that can have a huge impact on the monthly expenditures of your office…

Electric Scammers: Be Aware! >

Have you ever received a phone call that says, you MUST pay this amount or else your electricity will be cut off? How about someone came to your home claiming that he is from your energy supplier and asks for some sort of money as an additional charge?…

Tips to cut down on your gas bill >

Gas is used mainly for powering a hot water heater, cooking appliances or heating your home. However, gas usage can be costly especially you are on a budget…

Power Outage Guidelines >

If the power goes out, most of you panic before you manage to find your hidden torch and candles, while trying to remember if you pay your last energy bills

Desktop or Laptop: Which is more energy efficient? >

There are many factors to be considered when you buy a Laptop or a Desktop such as a price, portability, space and upgrade. Many believe that you need a desktop for home use, but as years passed by, laptops have become quite advanced to replicate desktop…

Break the Standby Habit: Save on your Energy Bills >

We always opt for lazy option and leave our appliances on standby mode instead of turning them off at the mains. Are we saving or not this way?…

Six reasons to switch energy providers
6 reasons to switch energy providers

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