Saving Money While Switching The Lights On Or Off

Saving Money While Switching The Lights On Or Off


Saving money while switching the lights on or off

Lights On or Lights Off

“Switch off the lights!” probably one of my mom’s favorite admonitions since I was a kid. Do we add to our savings when turning off the lights?!

And saving money is not as simple as turning the light switch off. What else can we do?

Let’s shine a little light on the details, shall we?

It depends on the type and quality of the bulb that you use at home and the cost of electricity per kWh. Some light bulbs wear out faster than others, reducing their light-giving life more often than they are switched on and off.

Type of Lighting:
  1. Incandescent Lights

The least efficient light and 90% of the energy it uses is heat.

TIP: Turn Off if not in use. This will help keep a cool room in summer.

  1. Halogen Lights

They use the same technology as incandescent lights but more efficient than traditional incandescent lights and are less efficient than CFLs or LED bulbs.

TIP: Turn Off if not in use.

  1. Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs)

Energy efficient type.

TIP: Turn On- If you will return to a room within 15 minutes

Turn Off- If you will be gone for more than 15 minutes


  1. Light Emitting Diode (LED )Lights

Top energy saving lighting choice. A great option for on-off sensor operation. It also turns on at full brightness almost instantly. It uses around 75% less electricity to produce the same amount of light and last significantly longer before needing to be replaced.

TIP: Turn- On and Turn-Off whenever you like.

Electricity Conservation tips:

Households devote an average of 10% energy usage to lighting.

  1. Use timers to turn lights off when not in use.
  2. Let in fresh air and light during the day by drawing the curtains
  3. Maximize outdoor lighting. Motion-detector floodlights can ensure lights only come on when you need them.

Read more on Energy Savings.


Do we add to our savings when turning off the lights? Replace 10 halogen light bulbs to an efficient alternative and you can expect to save around $650 over 10 years on your electricity bill.

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