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Tips to cut down on your gas bill

Tips to cut down on your gas bill

Gas is used mainly for powering a hot water heater, cooking appliances or heating your home. However, gas usage can be costly especially you are on a budget.

Here are a few ways to help you save on electricity and gas at home:

Reduce Usage

Lower the thermostat

For every degree of heat lowered, there’s up to 5%-20% savings on heating costs. The best solution is to install a programmable thermostat.

Turn off the heat when not at home.

If you are at work or out for a long period of time, then switch off the heat.

Save energy with radiator valves.

Install radiator valves in your home radiator at home and control the heat in each room by adjusting the amount of hot water that goes into the radiator. The main areas at home can be warmer than the rest.

Reduce Hot Water Temperature.

Set hot water at a normal temperature or at 40°C. With every 5°C reduction, you can save 3% to 15% of water heating costs.

Conserve Water.

Use cold water for laundry loads, and also for the rinse cycle.

Use your dishwasher efficiently. Wash only full loads, choose shorter wash cycles.

Take shorter showers or baths.

Turn off the faucet when not in use.

Heat smart

Keep windows and exterior doors closed.

Warm air escapes through open windows and doors in the colder months so keep them closed. Roll up a towel against the bottom of the door if there’s a gap to block out the cold air.

Keep your blinds open during the day and closed at night.

Let the sunlight in by keeping the blinds, drapes or curtains open. This will help your house to warm up quickly.

Use insulated panels or plastic film insulation to cover your windows.

Insulated panels can keep cold air from seeping through your glass windows. Plastic film insulation over your windows can help prevent warmth from escaping your home.


Set your ceiling fans to run clockwise. 

Running ceiling fans clockwise will keep the air circulating throughout the room, counterclockwise keep it warmer.


Purchase Energy saving appliances.

Consider the size, price, and feature when buying a new appliance. Review the rating on the amount of gas it uses each year.


Regular Maintenance

 Get your gas appliances serviced yearly.

Proper maintenance can prevent breakdown. It’s best to have it inspected or serviced at least once a year.

Replace furnace and air filters regularly.

The heating system becomes less efficient with clogged furnace filters that block air flow. Replace filters every 1-3 months or whenever necessary.


The above-mentioned ways are simple and inexpensive to reduce your gas bills. There’s still a lot of plan to cut energy bills this month? Click here to know more.

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