4 million Australians could be affected because of the Federal Budget.

4 million Australians could be affected because of the Federal Budget. Know how

4 million Australians could be affected because of the Federal Budget. Know how

4 million Australians could be affected because of the Federal Budget. Know how

Treasurer John Frydenberg announced that around four million Australians would receive the one-off Energy Assistance Payment worth $75 for singles and $125 for couples. Age pensioners, people on the Disability Support Pension, veterans, carers, and single parents will get this before July. Source ABC News

Question is whether this will reduce your energy bills? No. That is why Econnex is here to help you to compare the energy to reduce your electricity and gas prices.

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Everyone is talking about high energy prices and the impact it has on the people of Australia. That is the precise reason why the government has kept $285 million aside in the latest federal budget. As per the AER report, energy prices have doubled in the last ten years.

We think that EAP is merely election propaganda and not a permanent solution to high energy bills. However, all of us can do way more than this to slash our energy bills. To cut your bills quickly compare with Econnex and see if there is a cheaper plan available in your area.

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Energy Assistance Program will automatically be issued if you are eligible, before the end of the 2018-19 financial year. Below concession card holders should be eligible for the EAP:

  • Age Pension
  • Disability Support Pension
  • Carer Payment
  • Parenting Payment Single recipients
  • Veterans and dependents receiving eligible payments
  • Newstart

If you are stressed about high energy bills, don’t wait until July. Quickly use our energy comparison tool to see how much you can save.

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