Top Telecom Companies in Australia: Leading the Connectivity Revolution

Discover the top telecom companies in Australia and learn about their exceptional services and contributions to the nation's connectivity landscape.

top telecom companies in australia

Published on 22/04/2024

By Parneet Kaur

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Whether it’s simply about staying connected with your loved ones or carrying out important business ventures, the sole purpose of telecom companies in Australia is to make communication seamless. What’s more, you never seem to run out of options to choose from in telecom providers. However, we understand if that also brings you into a state of dilemma. It’s anything but easy to find a telecom provider that fits your budget, lifestyle, and usage requirements alike. But don’t you worry, we’re here to help you cut through the complexities of it all. Let’s delve deeper into the list of top telecom companies, highlighting their strengths, network coverage, and innovative offerings that keep Australians connected to help you make a calculative choice.

Breaking down the meaning of ‘Telco’

‘Telco’ is a commonly used abbreviation for Telecommunications or Telecom companies in Australia. They are the behind-the-scenes heroes, crafting the infrastructure that keeps us connected, whether it's through phone calls, lightning-fast internet, or binge-worthy TV. You might have already figured out that it is a term used to refer to phone or internet providers.

An Introduction to the top Australian Telecom Providers for Mobile Plans 

The Australian telecom market is dominated by the big three mobile service providers- Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone. However, it’s not confined to them. You’ll also come across a number of smaller Telco providers, i.e., MVNOs operating in Australia that lease network access from these Big threes. Let us take a sneak peek: 


Telstra stands tall as one of the largest Australian telecommunication companies in the market today. It has come a long way since 1975 when it was first established. Back in the day up until 1993, it operated under the name ‘Telecom Australia.’ In fact if you see, the name Telstra itself is a union of the words Telecom and Australia (with TEL deriving from Telecom and STRA from Australia). It has lately been synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation in the country’s telecommunications landscape for all the good reasons. Whether you’re on the lookout for business phones, prepaid mobile deals, SIM cards, or even bundle plans, Telstra offers customer-friendly options for it all. 


A subsidiary of Singtel, Optus is easily Australia’s second largest telco giant. It started its journey back in 1981 when it was renowned as Aussat Pty Ltd. Over the time, it has won over the trust of millions of Aussies with its customer-centric approach. Whether you just wish to buy a new mobile phone or are looking to upgrade to a prepaid SIM or a month-to-month SIM plan, Optus offers it all and more with lucrative deals. You could go from enjoying SIM plans with unlimited standard national talk and text to telco deals that appeal to the sports buff in you with free access to Optus Sport. Apart from a delightful customer experience and broad range of plans, it is also a top choice for its competitive pricing. 

Explore Internet Providers in Your Area


Vodafone is not too far behind in the list of the top telecom companies in Australia. It entered the market relatively recently in 1991, but has been making a name for itself with its latest additions of phones and tablets (of Apple, Google, and Samsung), and exciting offers. Its 5G network access (in specific areas of the major Australian cities) is what sets it apart above all. Without locking you in any contracts, it facilitates you with: 

  • SIM-only postpaid plans (with an unlimited capped-speed data of 2Mbps) 
  • SIM-only prepaid plans 
  • Mobile phone plans (with 12, 24, or 36 month contracts) 

Mobile Virtual Network Operators 

The story of Australian telecom providers doesn’t end at the big threes. If you explore some more, you’d notice that there are some small-scale MVNOs that bank on the network of big threes to offer mobile phone plans under their own names. Wondering how do they benefit you? Well, they play the budget-friendly card to stand out. Let’s introduce you to them: 

  • ALDI mobile 
  • Amaysim 
  • Belong Mobile 
  • Boost Mobile 
  • Circles.Life 
  • Dodo 
  • Felix 
  • iiNet 
  • Moose Mobile 
  • NuMobile 
  • Southern Phone 
  • Tangerine 
  • TeleChoice 
  • Think Mobile 
  • TPG 
  • Everyday Mobile 
  • Yomojo 

An Introduction to the major Telecom companies in Australia for Internet Plans 

The list of internet service providers in Australia is a long one (as opposed to the mobile service providers). Going by a study, $6.5bn is the estimated market size of internet service providers in 2023 (pretty huge, right?) The services they typically offer include NBN, Dial-up networks, Digital subscriber line (DSL), Cable networks, Fixed-wireless networks, and Satellite Networks. Among these, NBN is offered by the majority of telecom companies in Australia, making way for such intense competition. Let us acquaint you with the top players: 


The reliability of Telstra in the telecom market isn’t confined to mobile plans. It is the largest telco provider for Internet plans as well, be it home internet or mobile broadband services. Its NBN services are held in high regard for the numerous benefits that it offers to customers, right from unlimited data and calls, no lock-ins to big rewards, and high-tech modems. Moreover, it also has 5G home internet services and modems on a plan in store. 


Second only to Telstra, TPG is yet another internet provider that dominates the telecommunications market. It aims to make connecting to the internet simple for every home. The NBN plans of this second largest Australian telecommunication company are easily the most popular ones. However, other services like 5G home broadband, home wireless broadband, and fibre internet services also offer their own share of benefits. 


Another big name in the telco industry, Optus is the third-largest internet provider for NBN plans. It leaves you spoiled for choice with its wide variety of month to month NBN plans, speeds, and BYO moderms. However, that’s not all. You also have a variety of options in 4G and 5G home internet plans.  


The list of top-notch telecom companies in Australia is carried forward by Dodo or iprimus thanks to their fourth-largest NBN market share. They are both owned by Vocus group. Their NBN plans have an array of cost-effective perks for you, from unlimited data to no-lock in contracts. However, giving its customers the unique option to bundle it with energy plans is where it really shines. 

Aussie Broadband 

Aussie Broadband may not be as large a telco company as the ones mentioned above. However, it still takes the cake for possessing the lagest market share out of the small-scale internet providers out there. Not only does it offer reliable NBN plans but also has a variety of Opticomm plans in store.  

Other Internet Service Providers in Australia 

The list of internet service providers has only begun and you just know the best ones by far. It is equally important to note that there are about 100 more providers in the market to choose from. Let us introduce you to some of them: 

  • AGL 
  • Belong 
  • Exetel 
  • Flip 
  • Foxtel 
  • Kogan 
  • Mate 
  • Origin 
  • Southern Phone 
  • Superloop 
  • Swoop 
  • Tangerine 

Make the Telecom switch with Econnex  

The telecom industry is ever booming with top providers such as Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, Aussie Broadband, vying for customers’ attention. Each company brings its unique strengths, network coverage, and innovative solutions to meet the diverse needs of Australians.  

What’s more, with Econnex, you’ll never be left at a loss of options when it comes to choosing the best available plan from our panel as per the streaming speed, data allowance, tech type, and budget that you prefer. We are in a tie-up with a number of top telecom companies in Australia, with the likes of Optus, Dodo, superloop, Aussie Broadband, UNITI, and Mate that strive to offer you the most competitive plans. Switch and wave goodbye to all your telecom woes in a matter of minutes. 

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