Balance Transfer Credit Cards to Help Save on Interest

Transferring your balance may help alleviate the stress of making repayments. Compare and find an interest rate offer that fits your spending needs.

Credit card balance transfer

How It Works

We're here to help you find a suitable credit card. Here's how it works:


Click the button below, and enter a few simple details to start your balance transfer journey.


Select a credit card that fits your needs and submit your application online with ease on one platform. It really is that simple.


Once your application is confirmed and approved, your chosen issuer will notify you. Within a short period (a few weeks), you should receive your new card - ready for your next purchase!

Why You Might Choose to Transfer Your Credit Card Balance

Are you considering transferring your credit card balance? It may be a wise move for some Aussies seeking to cut down on high-interest costs. You could potentially consolidate your debt onto a card with a friendlier interest rate, which may allow you to save on interest and pay down what you owe quicker, specially with those introductory low-or-no-interest deals. These cards may also assist in consolidating your finances by merging multiple debts into one, simplifying how you manage and track your spending.

Balance Transfer Tips & Tricks

Compare Your Balance Transfer Options

Be Aware of Your Creditworthiness

Read the Fine Print

Your Introduction to Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Balance transfer credit cards can open up new possibilities for managing high-interest credit card debt, offering a potential opportunity to switch to a card with significantly lower interest rates for a set period. It, thereby, provides you with a smarter way to reduce what you owe and streamline your financial commitments.

The Purpose of Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Key Differences from Standard Credit Cards

Managing a Balance Transfer Credit Card

Find a balance transfer credit card that helps you regain control of your repayments.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of some of the most frequently asked balance transfer credit card questions.

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