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Looking to get a solar system set up at home? Econnex has a range of solar panels, inverters and batteries, designed to work with various household and energy needs.

We can install solar systems up to 400km, from Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney CBDs and some areas in Northern Queensland.

Select from an array of different sizes available!

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How it works

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Tell us about the property.

Start with your address and a few details about the solar solution you would like to compare.

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Discover your solar solution.

Based on your address compare your options online. With up to 650+ available packages with various solar products, brands and installers to choose from.

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Confirm your order!

If you’re sold on a solar solution, purchasing is easy! Fill in our online application and pay a small deposit. Once you have confirmed your order, that’s it! Within 48hrs you will receive a call from the selected installer to confirm your selection.

Brands we have available!

We place the importance on the performance and reliability! We choose to have the most reliable solar brands on our platform.

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