Adding Batteries to your Solar Power System

Enhance your solar power system! Integrate batteries for energy storage and increased self-sufficiency, even during grid outages.

Adding Batteries to your Solar Power System

Published on 10/12/2023

By Puneet Soni

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Have solar panels installed on your roof? Looking for alternative backup power in the event of electric outage or blackout? Want to store extra energy your solar panels produce instead of feeding it back into the electricity grid? Have heard of solar battery storage?

Solar Battery Storage has been a thing for years now that’s why as electricity prices rise, prices for these batteries are coming down quickly due to demand as most think about adding a battery backup to their solar panel system.  Before setting up your own try to know a bit about these:

What are the benefits of solar battery?

  • Lower Electricity Bills

Resources are becoming scarcer and electricity costs increase. One alternative is installing solar batteries on your solar panel system. Solar batteries are able to supply electricity to appliances needed to survive everyday life anytime you wanted. If you have time-of-use (TOU) rates for your electricity or pay monthly demand charges, save money by using power from your battery when rates are high.

  • Low contribution to pollution

They are renewable energy that does not emit harmful toxins to harm our environment. It collects energy you needed and collects once more when energy is depleted.

Unlimited supply of solar batteries

These batteries have the capacity to store certain amounts of electricity depending on the model purchased.

  • Free source power

Sunlight is the main source of energy. As long as the sun shines, batteries never run out of power.

  • Portable Energy

Unlike traditional power sources, solar energy can be used anywhere. Also, solar batteries are capable of transportation for use in the most obscure areas.

Are solar batteries expensive

The purchase cost of these batteries may cause a little from the initial purchase of installing to maintenance. But due demand and recent leaps in technology, there where cost reductions and expect prices to decrease as everyone will adopt this solar storage system.

How to choose a solar battery

Purchasing one depends on your needs and how are you going to use them. Prices of batteries vary depending on the storage size, efficiency level, and life cycle. The larger, more efficient and longer the life cycle the more you’ll get from your battery, but more expensive it will be. You can also consider a model that lets you stack batteries on top of each other to increase storage capacity.

How long do solar batteries last

In many cases, a fully charged battery can run your home overnight when your solar panels are not producing energy.  But this really depends on the use, size, number of batteries you have.

What’s the lifespan of solar batteries

The general range for a solar battery’s useful lifespan is between 5 and 15 years. Proper maintenance can also have a significant effect on your solar battery’s lifespan. Since solar batteries are significantly impacted by temperature, protecting your battery from freezing or sweltering temperatures can increase its useful life.

What are the other options?

Some are ready to purchase now some will wait until the price drops, it really depends on you. But there are other options: If your solar panel system size is small in capacity, try to upgrade it to a size that can charge a battery on a cloudy day it will also require a battery inverter. A battery inverter converts DC electricity into AC electricity to discharge the battery, and AC energy into DC energy to charge it again. Remember, not all inverters fit with all types of batteries, so your choice of a battery may be directed by the specifications of your current solar system.

What about hybrid inventers?

These are relatively new and contain both solar and battery inverters in one box, it’s between the traditional on-grid inventers and off-grid inventers. During normal operation, the hybrid inverter synchronizes with your main utility power and supplements your power usage using solar power during the day. In addition to this cost saving during daylight hours, batteries are used to supplement your usage during the evening hours. Some available inverter has a smart- tech solar solution that will help households optimize energy usage by identifying the most efficient energy source per time of day.

Solar Comparison
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