Air Conditioners Or Ceiling Fans: Which Is Better?

AC or ceiling fans? Find out the best cooling choice for your needs. Compare energy efficiency and comfort levels. Stay cool, save money!

Air Conditioners Or Ceiling Fans: Which Is Better?

Published on 23/09/2023

By Puneet Soni

Energy Comparison

Energy costs and temperature continue to rise and you are looking for effective ways to lower your bills at the same time stay cool and comfortable effectively no matter what weather it is. The right combination of products, appliances, and technology can give you the comfort you need.

Using ceiling fan alone might not be enough to provide sufficient comfort, that’s why you consider an air conditioner as another option. Is it really using a ceiling fan far cheaper to run than an air conditioner?

You should be guided in the right direction as to which is the better choice for your family’s needs and budget.

Air Conditioners vs Ceiling Fans:

1. Air Conditioners


  • Very effective at cooling spaces
  • Cools space rather than cooling your body
  • Effects are felt much quicker
  • Can be set to maintain a specific temperature
  • Reverse cycle units can also keep you warm in winter


  • More expensive in terms of running cost
  • Can use as much as 2,200 watts per hour
  • Require regular maintenance in order to keep the filters clean and functioning
  • Expensive to fix when broken
  • Can dry out the air being conditioned, which can have an adverse health effect
  • Inefficient in open spaces

 2. Ceiling Fans


  • Cheaper to run than air conditioners
  • Use only about 65 watts per hour
  • Don’t require maintenance, and unlikely to break or malfunction
  • Efficient in more open spaces
  • Doesn’t dry out the air


  • Don’t actually cool spaces, rather push air around the room, which then indirectly cools your body
  • One needs to stand directly under a fan to fell its full benefit
  • Limited temperature control
  • Doesn’t have the power to reach every corner of the room

Which one suits you?

A low risk/low reward method (Ceiling Fan): Cheaper to run with no ongoing maintenance costs, the repair cost is cheap once broken.

A high risk/ high reward method (Air conditioner): More effective at cooling you down and making you comfortable, requires more money spent on energy, maintenance, repair costs.

A lower-risk/medium-reward method (Combined): Combining the benefits of both at a lower cost than air conditioning alone, but with more adequate levels of cooling than ceiling fans alone.

It’s up to you to decide what cooling option is best for your home. If you can’t stand daytime temperatures then the best choice is an air conditioner, but if you’re more bothered with high bills than the hot weather better stick with ceiling fan. Or, better yet try using both, a combination at medium setting can be more efficient and effective than using either of one on its highest setting.

Few simple strategies can make a big difference in your energy bills. If you want to save money, its time to put together your energy savings plan. 

Energy Comparison
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