How Moving House Could Affect Your Energy Prices

Moving house? Know the impact on energy costs! Explore how relocation can influence your energy prices and make informed decisions.

How Moving House Could Affect Your Energy Prices

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By Rajesh Kumawat

Energy Comparison

If you are planning on shifting to a new property, you must be having a lot on your mind. There are many things to consider when moving house.

Main priority is to think about your Energy; what to do about your Utility Provider?

You may be able to bring your current contract with you to your new property, but this can depend on the facilities at both your current and new house. Whether you are carrying over your contract or signing up to a new one, it is necessary to give your electricity and gas suppliers notice of at least three business days, so the disconnection and reconnection will be able to be managed as smoothly as possible.

  • Your current supplier will organize a special meter read so that it may send you the final bill.
  • This means you will not be charged for any electricity drawn to the property after this date.
  • Be aware, if you are unable to carry your contract over to your new property, you may be subject to an early termination fee (only if required).

However, this could provide you with the perfect opportunity to do an electricity comparison to see if you could be entitled to a better deal and cheaper gas and electricity prices.

What do I need to do if I’m in a shared house?

If you have housemates and the power accounts are under your name, you must let your gas and electricity suppliers know that you have moved.

You must provide them with your new address and organize for one of your other housemates to take over responsibility for the new account.

To do this, both of you might need to call the company together to ensure it is completed satisfactorily.

How can I get energy connected to my new home?

It is important to get in touch with a supplier before you move in so you can be assured electricity and gas are connected when you arrive. Make sure you let your retailer know whether you need gas and electricity connected or just electricity. Not all electricity suppliers also offer gas services and you may be able to get a better deal by packaging these two requirements.

How much notice must I give to change suppliers?

If you are planning on making the switch to a new electricity or gas supplier, you need to give at least two days’ notice.

Will I be charged the same electricity and gas prices with my current retailer?

Your rate could be subject to change, depending on the location of your new home. The network tariffs available depend on your postcode, as different areas are charged varying rates.

However, you can look this up by doing a simple gas and electricity comparison with Econnex – you may find it cheaper to change your retailer.

Energy Comparison
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