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Move house like a po

Published on 06/09/2023

By Ankit Jain

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Moving to a new house is fun if everything is well organized. From looking for a new place to packing things, all must be organized accordingly to avoid headaches before you start. All movers wish to have a smooth transfer to their dream house, unfortunately, luck is not always on your side. Missing items, unfit furniture, and unsettled utilities are some of the many problems that movers encounter. So, how to avoid hassles on moving?

Get an early start

When moving house, forget about “last minute habit”. It’s better to organize your stuff between 4 to 8 weeks before the moving day. An early start helps the movers check other stuff that needs attention. It also avoids panic crunch the night before the move. Create a checklist before starting. It serves as a guide to avoid missing important things.

Sell or donate some stuff

A brand-new house is a brand-new start. Take this opportunity to check around and dispose of appliances and furniture which are not needed anymore. Whether it’s a used cabinet or old mattress, as long as it’s still useful, put it out and organize a garage sale. The money from garage sale surely helps to pay additional expenses such as removalists, cleaners, and reconnection fee for utilities.

Also, to easily get rid of these items, do some research about government charities who accept donations.

Pack an “essentials” bag

Moving house is a very long day, and it’s very hard to unpack all stuff during the first day. Put all personal essentials like clean clothes, phone chargers, snacks and toothbrush to be ready to function the next day.

Clean while you pack

It’s part of the leasing agreement to make sure the area is completely clean before the moving day. Sort all stuff to be packed and set aside things to be thrown. Clean area one at a time. Make sure to the mob and vacuum floors, wipe windows and throw all waste before the moving day. Do the cleaning on your own instead of hiring professional cleaners to save some money.

Label everything

People tend to misplace and forget little stuff especially if the whole house is a mess. The simplest way to solve this problem is, to sort things by type, kind or according to which room they’re supposed to go in. Use color coding. Label all boxes and create your own inventory.

Arrange a removalist

It is recommended to ask help from good friends and relatives to lessen expenses on moving. But many people these days prefer heavy and big appliances and furniture for a home which needs a machine to lift and move. If this is the case, hire a professional removalist. Guide them to move things more efficiently and effectively to avoid extra payment.

Check electrical wires

All cords and wires must be unplugged first before the removalist do their lifting and moving. It’s a good time as well to inspect if there are any damaged wiring. Fix or replace all damaged cables before reconnecting. Take a photo of devices and how the cables are connected to avoid malfunction because of an improper connection.

Get utilities connected

It’s important to settle the utilities first such as water, internet, phone, and electricity before the moving day. Contact your utility providers and ask proper procedures about reconnection. To make the work easier, try Econnex.

Econnex provides the most competitive energy plans in your area. No worries about switching retailer or reconnecting electricity as we love to do the work for you.

Energy Comparison
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