Compare Private Health Insurance, Select and Cover

We’re about to launch a brand-new platform to compare Private Health Insurance Policies. Within minutes, you’ll be able to:

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    Compare policies with ease at no extra cost.

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    Only purchase coverage relevant to you and your family's health requirements.

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    Dental, physio, remedial massage - add the extras you need to match your lifestyle!

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How It Will Work

True to our guiding principles, we've created an intuitive comparison platform for you to use at no extra cost. Plus, there are no sponsored products, ads or third-party sites. Here’s how it will work:

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Enter a few simple details to start your comparison journey. We will have a range of policies to suit different needs, with a suite of extras including physio, optical, chiro, dental and more!

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Pick the policy that offers the right balance of cost and coverage for your household's particular needs. Once you're ready, we'll help you with the next steps.

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Once your purchase is confirmed by the policy provider, you can rest a bit easier knowing you should be covered if things ever took a turn for the worse!

How Econnex Private Health Insurance Comparison Will Help You

We can help you navigate the world of Private Health Insurance with simple, intuitive policy comparison that allows you to find the right fit. Select the coverage and extras that suit your lifestyle before you submit the application online.

What are the different types of Private Health Insurance Policies?

Will I be able to finish the application process for a new Private Health Insurance Policy with Econnex?

What about fees and charges?

Compare Private Health Insurance Plans

We’ll provide the tools to compare Private Health Insurance Policies to find a suitable fit for your lifestyle and health requirements, helping you save time and money.

Your Guide to Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance plays a crucial role in Australia's healthcare system, complementing Medicare, Australia's universal health insurance system. Offered by various insurance policy providers, it allows individuals and families to cover healthcare costs that Medicare does not fully cover, such as dental treatments, private hospital rooms, and more. These products are also designed to give policyholders more control over their healthcare, including the choice of doctors and hospitals, as well as quicker access to medical services.

Choosing the Right Cover

Other Key Terms and Definitions

Guides and Resources


We have put together a list of some of the most frequently asked questions relating to Private Health Insurance in Australia. 

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