HVAC Systems How Much Does It Cost You?

HVAC systems demystified! Uncover the true cost of heating and cooling your space and learn to optimize efficiency and savings.

HVAC Systems How Much Does It Cost You?

Published on 24/11/2023

By Xing Gou

Energy Comparison

The HVAC system provides customers with the option to maintain the right temperature in their home. It’s very useful for heating and cooling purposes. However, the HVAC system is one the highest consumers of energy among other appliances. It consumes much more energy that may give costly bills if not used properly.

Simple changes in air conditioning habits can save energy and money. Let’s see the ideal temperature on using HVAC systems and how much air conditioner affects energy costs.

Standard Settings

Consumers must ensure energy efficiency from all systems. That’s why it’s important to follow the standard settings of an air conditioner to consume less power.

A typical air conditioner should be set to 25 to 27 degrees during summer and around 18 to 20 degrees in winter. These are advisable temperature settings for customers who live in a moderate climate.

Here are standard temperature settings of an air conditioner per state.

Set air conditioner temperature a little lower for those who live in warmer places. In cooler areas, it’s advisable to set the temperature a bit higher to feel more comfortable. 

Air Conditioner Hourly Cost

Air conditioner consumes more power when it works harder or longer. Based on the research of Ergon Energy, on every 1° cooler in the summer adds around 10% on electricity costs.

Assumes 28.479 c/kWh electricity usage rate.

There are small differences in every figure. However, this may affect energy bill costs and leads to bill fluctuation when adds up.

Air Conditioner And Room Size

Consumers need to ensure that air conditioner capacity is appropriate for the size of the room. If not, this might give an uncomfortable feeling. For example; if the room is large and the air conditioner is designed for small rooms, it will be less effective. Also, it needs to work harder and consume more power.

Below is an approximate guide to determine what HVAC capacity is ideal in given room size.

If still worried about air conditioning costs, consider switching retailer. It’s time to compare and switch plans with a better deal to save money. Check cheapest deals at Econnex.

Energy Comparison
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