Monitor Energy Usage and Its Benefits

Empower yourself with energy insights! Monitor your usage to save, reduce emissions, and contribute to a sustainable future.

Monitor Energy Usage and Its Benefits

Published on 23/11/2023

By Yogesh Pandey

Energy Comparison

Most of the daily activities these days require electricity. From day to night we operate appliances which consume power. After the billing period, retailers prepare the bill and send it to consumers based on total energy usage. And it’s possible to experience bill shock if energy usage is not monitored.

It’s a good idea to track power usage for own benefit. It helps consumers to identify if they save money or spend more than they should. No need to be an expert on doing this task. Just follow these guidelines and start saving energy costs today.

Best Ways To Track Energy Usage

Any numbers can be calculated in a blink, including energy consumption. And it’s because of modern technology these days. Here are modern ways to track power usage.

  • Smart meters, web portals and in-home displays

Using smart meter is the most accurate way to monitor energy usage. It is the most high-end meter and reads usage real-time. One of its important features is it provides complete insight of power usage for both consumer and retailer.  Also, it is very known all over Australia.

Smart meters are connected to in-home displays and web portal. The latest one is it can be removed via computer or smartphone which is an advantage for travelers and workers. If still using a standard meter, contact distributor to ask how to switch on smart meters.

  • Appliance energy calculators

It is an effective way if a consumer wants to understand more about energy consumption. Simply input energy-use of an appliance, and it calculates on its own. It shows the estimated daily and the annual running of energy costs.

Appliance energy calculator helps as well on identifying which devices are not energy-efficient. It is a good basis to change old appliances to newer, eco-friendly and more efficient ones. It might be a costlier but good investment.

  • Smartphones and smart app

Power consumption tracking app is suitable for consumers who are always busy. If no time to check the meter and calculate usage, install this app on smartphones and track usage on your most convenient time. Monitor power usage and keep an eye on daily changes in energy use.

Some examples of electricity usage trackers are Energy Consumption Analyzer for Android and Meter Readings for iOS users.

Benefits Of Monitoring Energy Usage
  • It increases consumer awareness.

Energy consumption displays in kW. That’s why it’s easy to know how much energy consumes. Also, it increases consumer awareness about their energy usage. Set energy tracker in place such as a kitchen or living room where there are many appliances use. In this way, a consumer will be updated on the daily use of energy.

  •  It provides trends (daily, weekly, monthly).

One of the most important features of energy usage trackers is it shows daily to a monthly trend of energy usage. This feature detects unexpected higher or lower power consumption. It also monitors energy costs spending and prevents bill shock.

  • It identifies an appliance that consumes more power.

Energy usage trackers monitor daily power usage. That’s why it’s easy to know which appliances consume more power. Consumers can limit the use of energy sucker appliances to reduce energy bill costs.

  • It helps in decision making in terms of switching retailer.

Keep in mind that energy sucker appliances are not the only reason for expensive bills. The rates per kWh charged by the supplier have a huge impact as well. After monitoring energy usage and limiting the use of appliances, if still experience higher bills, it’s time to shop around and switch retailers with lesser rates.

Energy Comparison
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