How to Save on Gas in Victoria?

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Saving on Gas in Victoria

Published on 15/08/2023

By Rajesh Kumawat

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Many of us in Victoria remember shivering through the winter of 1998 when the Longford gas plant exploded and left the entire state without gas for twenty days. Let me tell you – as a Victorian, we sure did miss it! But it also made us aware of how much we rely on gas, especially in the winter. So saving on gas bills over these last two decades is almost a Victorian pastime. So what can you do to save on gas bills this winter?

Standard gas plans and competition

Retail price regulation for gas was phased out of Victoria in 2009, and only 10% of customers have remained on their standard gas plan since (see what I told you about Victorians and gas?) According to international observers, retail gas prices in Victoria are as “competitive as it gets” compared around the world.

Three distributors produce and supply the gas to homes and businesses in Victoria: AusNet Services, Australian Gas Networks, and Multinet Gas. However, you have a great choice of retailers.

Concessions for pensioners and others

Like all states and territories in Australia, the Victorian state government offers concessions for gas used for pensioners and low-income earners. You could even gain discounts for using more gas than normal or changing an old gas water heater to something more efficient. Here’s what’s available:

  • Winter Gas Concession: Discount on gas bills from 1 May to 31 October for concession or health care card holders
  • Non-Mains Energy Concession: Annual rebate for cardholders using LPG bottles for small-scale heating or cooking
  • Excess Gas Concession: Discounts given to eligible users who use high amounts of gas
  • Gas Hot Water Rebate: Cashback when replacing eligible water heaters with more energy-efficient appliances

Pensioners with a senior’s card may also apply for discounts if they are eligible.

How to compare providers and save

It isn’t easy to compare gas providers in Victoria when they tout big discounts on usage or supply charges, or direct debit, or combinations of the three. It makes sense if you can see how much you’re saving in dollars, not vague percentages.

Econnex gets rid of the confusion by showing you how much you could be saving on your bill each period – all you need is a recent bill and about two or three minutes of your time. You can compare and sign up in your phone or PC browser – it’s up to you! It’s an automated system: so once you’re done, you’re all set! Try Econnex today and see how much you could save.

Energy Comparison
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