Discover the Cheapest Internet Plans in Australia

In search of the cheapest internet plans in Australia? We can help with our in-depth guide. Learn how to compare plans to find an option that suits you.

Cheapest Internet Plans in Australia

Published on 08/05/2024

By William Walton

NBN Comparison

In our modern, interconnected society, a reliable and cost-effective internet connection is an absolute necessity. Whether for remote work, entertainment, or staying in touch with loved ones, the internet underpins many aspects of our daily lives.  

However, with the vast array of options available, locating the cheapest internet plans in Australia that align with your specific needs can take time and effort. Thankfully, with modern comparison platforms like Econnex, you can apply online after comparing plans relevant to you from numerous retailers, streamlining your experience.  

We’re here to help you find the right fit. If you’re looking for a few tips for securing broadband on a budget, you’ve come to the right place. 

Searching for the Cheapest Internet Plan in Australia 

The Australian internet landscape is diverse, offering a broad spectrum of plans from numerous providers. This array encompasses everything from high-speed NBN to more budget-friendly ADSL connections, catering to various preferences and financial plans. 

However, this diversity, while beneficial, also presents a challenge. It can be difficult to navigate through the options and find the cheapest internet plans in Australia that do not compromise on quality or service. This is where Econnex may be able to help (although we don’t compare ALL plans and providers across Australia). 

Choosing a Suitable Broadband Plan for Your Household 

Choosing the right internet plan involves more than just finding the lowest price; it's about ensuring the plan meets your specific needs regarding speed, data allowance, reliability, and customer service.  

This is particularly true in a market as varied as Australia's, where the right choice can significantly enhance your online experience. In contrast, a poor choice can lead to frustration and unnecessary expense.  

It’s not always about finding the cheapest home internet plans in Australia outright. The option you choose must allow you to continue to lead a fruitful online life.  

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Internet Plan: 

  • Speed Requirements: Consider how you use the internet. You'll likely need higher speeds if you stream video, play online games, or have multiple users at home. 
  • Data Limits: Look for plans with adequate data limits to avoid throttling or overage fees, which is especially important for heavy downloaders and streamers. 
  • Contract Terms: Understand the contract length and any penalties for early termination. Some providers offer month-to-month plans, providing greater flexibility. 
  • Customer Service: The quality of customer support can make a big difference, especially when facing connectivity issues. 

Econnex acknowledges these diverse needs by offering a platform that may help find some of the cheapest internet plans in Australia (although we don’t compare all providers) and allows for detailed comparisons based on various factors. This nuanced approach ensures you don't just find a cost-effective plan but one that genuinely fits your lifestyle and usage habits. 

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A More Detailed Overview of Internet Providers and Plans (As of February 2024) 

Australia boasts a competitive internet service market, offering a variety of plans to meet different needs and budgets. The information provided below is for reference purposes only, and providers' prices are subject to change anytime. As always, consider your individual circumstances before making any financial decisions.  

Here's a snapshot of what some key players have offered: 

  • Exetel: Known for a broad range of NBN plans, starting from NBN 25 at $53.99. Exetel is competitive, especially with its NBN 100/40 plan at $74.99 for the first six months, which could suit multi-user households. 
  • Superloop: Offers high-speed internet services from NBN 25 at $59.00 to NBN 1000 at $99.00, excluding NBN 250. Superloop is ideal for users prioritizing speed and reliability for streaming and gaming. 
  • Tangerine: Provides affordable plans starting at NBN 25 for $49.90, targeting budget-conscious users needing reliable internet for everyday use without higher-speed tiers like NBN 500 and NBN 1000. 
  • More: Features an innovative offer of $0.00 across all available NBN tiers for the first three months for CBA customers, presenting an intriguing option for consumers. 
  • Dodo: Offers a range of plans, including an NBN 15 plan at $55.00, catering to varied needs with its diversity from budget to high bandwidth plans. 
  • Aussie: Provides comprehensive coverage with plans from NBN 12 at $65.00 to NBN 1000 at $129.00, and it is noted for excellent customer service. 
  • Goodtel: Starts with NBN 25 plans at $73.00, going up to NBN 250 at $119.00, positioning itself in the market with potentially higher-quality service or support. 
  • Optus: A major ISP offering plans from NBN 25 at $70.00 to NBN 1000 at $129.00, bundling additional services like streaming subscriptions. 
  • Telstra: Begins its offerings from NBN 25 at $85.00, renowned for reliability and customer service, though missing the highest speed tiers. 
  • Vodafone: Features plans from NBN 25 at $70.00 to NBN 1000 at $140.00, catering to a wide array of needs with a mix of speed tiers. 
  • TPG: Known for competitive pricing and reliable service, offering plans starting with NBN 12 at $64.99, but not extending to NBN 1000. 
  • Spintel: Attractive for budget-conscious users with plans starting from NBN 25 at $49.00 to NBN 250 at $75.00. 
  • Belong: Offers straightforward, no-frills internet service starting from NBN 25 at $65.00, without higher-speed tiers. 
  • iiNet: Known for customer service and additional features, offering plans from NBN 12 at $64.99 up to NBN 500 at $119.99. 
  • iPrimus: Focused on straightforward internet services, with plans from NBN 50 at $80.00 to NBN 500 at $110.00. 
  • Flip: Provides basic, budget-friendly internet options starting with NBN 12 at $39.00, excluding the highest tiers. 
  • Southern Phone: Caters to a broad customer base with plans from NBN 25 at $55.00 to NBN 1000 at $115.00. 
  • Origin: Integrates internet with energy services, offering plans from NBN 25 at $74.00 to NBN 1000 at $129.00. 
  • AGL: Combines internet and energy services, with plans ranging from NBN 25 at $49.00 to NBN 1000 at $109.00. 
  • Mate: Known for no-contract plans and customer service, starting from NBN 25 at $45.00, but lacking the highest tiers. 

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Let’s Help Make Your Broadband Choice Easier 

Our intuitive and transparent comparison platform may be your best friend in the search for the cheapest unlimited internet plans in Australia. There are no ads, sponsored products, or third-party links along our broadband comparison journey, and we intend to keep it that way.  

You can find a suitable choice effortlessly when you have the tools to compare and sign up for broadband plans directly online from one platform, streamlining the entire process. There are so many benefits that everyday Aussies can take advantage of, including: 

  • Easy Comparison: Econnex simplifies finding some of the cheapest internet plans in Australia available from our panel of retailers (although we don’t compare all providers and plans) through an intuitive platform that uses your postcode and preferences to present a tailored list of options, enabling straightforward comparisons. 
  • Transparent and Up-to-Date Information: Econnex is committed to transparency, ensuring all plan information is current and accurate, which is crucial for making an informed choice without unexpected surprises. 
  • Sign Up Online: The platform's ability to facilitate direct online signups for selected plans offers unparalleled convenience, saving users the hassle of navigating multiple websites or dealing with various customer service departments. 
  • Bundling Options: Econnex also caters to those looking to consolidate their services, offering bundling options for internet plans with phone lines, potentially leading to further savings. 

Compare & Stream Your Way 

Navigating Australia's internet service market can be made significantly more straightforward and efficient with Econnex. This platform is the go-to for anyone looking to find the cheapest internet plans in Australia, offering a user-friendly approach to comparing and signing up for internet services.  

Whether you seek a basic package or a comprehensive bundle, Econnex can help you find a plan ideally suited to your needs and budget, demonstrating its unparalleled value in the quest for affordable internet connectivity. 

NBN Comparison
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