The benefits of a solar smart meter

The benefits of a solar smart meter

Benefits of Solar Smart Meter

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You may have heard of it – the solar smart meter. 

Benefits of Solar Smart Meter

We recommend these as they come with a number of benefits that can help improve your overall solar energy experience considerably. 

Here are the top reasons why a solar smart meter can be a game-changer for you: 

  • It measures solar energy production from your PV system  

Your smart meter collates data about the production and export of your solar PV system, which gives you super useful information about your solar usage. 

This is beneficial as it gives you better insight into deciding what size of battery will be the most valuable for your home. It can also give you exact information about the state of your system, how much power is being used and how much is being sent to the grid. 

  • It measures your electricity consumption 

It can also tell you what times of day your consumption is at its highest, which can help you again determine which size battery would be best for your home, as well as how to best optimise your daytime power usage by running your appliances at certain times. 

  • It measures surplus electricity exported to the grid 

If the energy your solar PV system produces is more than you use, the surplus amount will be exported and sold to the grid. 

The smart meter can therefore measure the exact amount of electricity that transfers from your home to the grid – and you will therefore find out the feed-in tariff that you’ll get for the excess electricity you generate. 

  • It measures avoided C02 emissions  

Your solar system will also let you know much actual harm has been avoided via C02 emissions based on your production. 

Solar energy is a source of clean energy as it does not generate greenhouse gases or air pollutants. When you use your solar PV system, you can be sure that the electricity you generate does not adversely affect the environment. 


Overall, investing in a solar smart meter with your PV system is a great idea – and can really enhance your experience of managing your solar power generation. 

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Solar Comparison
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The benefits of a solar smart meter
The benefits of a solar smart meter
Benefits of Solar Smart Meter
The benefits of a solar smart meter
The benefits of a solar smart meter
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