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Achieve Energy-Efficient Swimming Pools

Achieve Energy-Efficient Swimming Pools

Energy Efficient

Achieving the right temperature for swimming pools requires electricity.  That’s why pool owners are trying to improve energy efficiency as much as they can. Pool heating has a huge impact on energy consumption. However, it can be minimized through implementing these energy efficient tips:


Pick the right color of finishes

Consider the temperature of location on picking the color of finishes. Choose darker colored finishes if living in a colder area to minimize the use of the heater. Pool finishes with darker color absorb more sunlight than lighter ones. The energy coming from the sun helps heat water in the pool.


Design a natural windbreak

Pool landscaping has an impact on lowering energy costs. However, many sets aside its importance. Create a natural windbreak like planting a hedge and building a berm. Windbreaks help to decrease the evaporation of water that is already heated. It reduces heat loss too. Also, planting has a good effect on the environment – it makes the pool area eco-friendly.


Use energy efficient pumps

According to Best Pool Supplies, you can save energy up to 70% by using eco-pool pumps. Reducing energy consumption means lowering electricity costs. Using certified pumps can give you around $300 savings. It also helps to cut greenhouse gas emissions.


Optimize the pool’s plumbing

Pool pipes that are too tight and narrow make pumps work harder than normal. Use straight and bigger pipes for the pool care system. It helps pumps work properly without consuming too much energy.


Use advanced heating technology

Choose and purchase more energy efficient pool heater. New heating technologies are more expensive, but more energy efficient. It’s worth investing especially if you live in colder areas that need heating most of the times.


Install an automatic pool cover

Pool covers are more effective than windbreaks in preventing heat loss. It reduces evaporation and saves up to 90,000 liters of water per year. In addition to this, swimming pools with pool cover are safer to use. It has an added feature of protection from chlorine and harmful UV rays. Check https://poolcovers.com.au/ for options.


Choose larger pool filters

Larger pumps are costlier than small ones. However, it has a bigger surface area where water can flow. It means the pump doesn’t have to work extra to move volumes of water. It does not just lower expensive bills, it also avoids the unexpected replacement of pumps.


Consider cleaning system

Many do not pay attention to the pool cleaning system. Most pool builders offer maintenance plans to make sure the pool system is properly working. This should be considered to avoid future problems and costly repairs.


Use LED for lighting

LED is more energy efficient compared to any other bulbs. It saves 80% or more energy. However, it is more expensive than standard bulbs because of their better quality. Check for companies who give energy rebates when switching to LED.


Automate pool operations

Technology can automatically operate a pool system. Install automatic timers and motion detectors to optimize the energy use, especially if no one is using it.

If still paying too much to electricity bills, maybe it’s time to shop around and compare. Energy saving tips are only guides to reduce bills, switching retailer surely solves the problem.


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