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Electricity Providers: SA

South Australia Electricity Market

In South Australia households pay the highest prices for electricity. SA is also reliant on renewable energy generation. The high demand in hot summer days, supply failed to meet demand which results in blackouts. That’s why it’s really important for you to compare electricity plans and prices make sure to get the best deal available.


Overview of SA Electricity Market

SA Electricity Market was deregulated in 2012 which open doors for new electricity providers to enter the local market.  According to the Australian Energy Regulator, 75% of households remain with one of the big three- AGL, Origin and Energy Australia. Electricity prices in SA also had to be agreed with the Essential Services Commission of South Australia.


Electricity Contracts in SA

One way to know the best deal is to know what type of contracts are available. There are two types of electricity contracts available in SA:

Standard Contracts are contracts that must be offered in addition to their market contracts. The rates are set by the retailers following conditions set by the government. There are no fixed term agreements, no exit fees and prices to be reviewed only every 12 months. These types of contract are more expensive compared with a market contract if there will be no conditional discounts.

Market Contracts are contracts set out entirely by retailers. Retailers can change the rates without prior notice and exit fees may apply. The plans come with varying contract lengths and conditions sometimes with conditional discounts, incentives.


Electricity Costs in SA

The electricity prices are different from one retailer to another. There are two charges make up an electricity bill:

Supply Charges are what you need to pay for being connected to the electricity grid. The daily charges are fixed no matter how much power you use. The supply charges vary between plans and providers from 80 cents to more than $1 per day.

Usage Charges are rates for your actual electricity usage but depend on your provider and the tariff structure of your plan. Electricity usage rates costs from 30 cents per kWh up to 45 cents.


Electricity Plans in SA

All providers in SA offer variable-rate plans, the supply and usage charges can change by the retailer anytime.

Few offer fixed rate plans with fixed rates and usually in 24 months term.


Electricity Discounts in SA

Electricity providers in SA commonly give out more than 20% off, but that doesn’t mean that the biggest discounts will be the biggest savings. Discounts are given in SA: discount off usage charges or entire bill, pay on time discount or pay by direct debit. Make sure to meet the conditions to continue the discounts, failure will result in much higher prices, and you may also be charged a fee.


Electricity Tariffs in SA

There are two electricity tariffs in SA: ‘single rate’ and ‘time of use’.

Single Rate Tariff- the same price for electricity usage is being charged regardless of when you use it.

Time of Use Tariff– the rates of electricity can be charged differently depending on the time of usage.

Majority of households in SA have single rate tariff and block rates.

Tariff 110– also called ‘peak’, ‘domestic’ or ‘anytime’ on your bills. This comes with ‘block rates’, which means the price you pay for electricity will depend on how much you use rather than when you use it.  Energy usage is split into daily blocks, with the first ‘block’ of power (typically 11 kWh) usually charged at the lowest rate.

Controlled Load Tariffs– also known as “Tariff 116”. This is a separately metered circuit for major appliances, usually for hot water system or pool pump that will be supplied for a few hours each day. This often costs less than 20 cents per kWh.

Demand Charges– some retailer adjusts their prices between summer and winter; higher rates in summer and lower in winter.


Cheapest Market Offers in SA
Electricity ProviderElectricity PlanDiscountBenefit Period
1st Energy1st Saver PlusGuaranteed discount on total bill 4%
Pay on time discount on total bill 10%
Ongoing benefit period
AGLResidential Essentials0%1 year Benefit Period
Click EnergyClick Flora Plus0%No contract term
CovaUFreedom Plus5%No contract term
Diamond EnergyEveryday Renewable SaverDirect debit discount on total bill 3%
Pay on time discount on total bill 7%
No contract term
Elysian EnergyMarket Residential Simple Plan5%No contract term
Energy LocalsOnline Member – Anytime0%No contract term
EnergyAustraliaTotal Plan Home12%1 year benefit period
Future X PowerMarket Offer0%12 months benefit period
Globird EnergyGLOSAVE ResidentialDirect debit discount on total bill 1%
Pay on time discount on total bill 7%
No contract term
Kogan EnergyKogan Energy Market Offer0%No contract term
Lumo EnergyLumo Plus0%No contract term
Momentum EnergySmile Power Flexi_RSR0%No contract term
Origin EnergyOrigin Go0%12 months benefit period
OVO EnergyThe One Plan0%No contract term
PowerclubPowerbank Home Flat0%No contract term
PowershopShopper Market Offer6%No contract term
ReAmped EnergyAnytime0%No contract term
Simply EnergySaver 8% off Elec8%Ongoing benefit period

Complete List of Electricity Providers in SA


If you haven’t switched your provider for two years or more, you are certainly paying more on your bills.  The cheapest offers are often with conditional discounts, most are for new customers. Also, keep in mind that the cheapest electricity provider might not be the best for you. Review your options, click here.

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