Australian Utility Leaders Aid Bushfire Crisis

In the face of bush fire calamity, leading Australian utility providers step up with unwavering support and solidarity

Australia’s top utility providers are coming forward in support amid bush fire calamity

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By Rajesh Kumawat

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In the course of Australia’s bush fire disaster, top energy companies are not just busy printing bills, on the other hand, they are coming forward to support all those who have been impacted.

For all who have faced a tough time because of the natural calamity, or if you have provided some kind of assistance by coming forward or you’re a volunteer firefighter, then you may be entitled to get monetary aid from your energy provider.

Below are the details and in case you are unable to find your energy provider just get in touch with them directly.


A $150 bill credit per customer will be given on both electricity and gas bills for all volunteer firefighters. Also, a big initiation has been seen by Telco and subsidiary of AGL, Southern Phone, as they will be waiving off all usage and fee charges for fire-affected customers, firefighters, and SES volunteers.

Not just this AGL has also donated $200,000 in providing aid to the people living in the Gippsland region who have been destroyed by bushfires.

Energy Australia

This retailer is helping affected customers by freezing approximately 100,000 residential and small business energy customers’ accounts. Also, they are contributing $125,000 as emergency support and charities in Gippsland, Victoria, and Lithgow, New South Wales, including Foodbank Victoria.

Origin Energy

This provider has left no stone untouched in providing support to the ones affected by a natural disaster this year by contributing $300,000 to the Australian Red Cross as well as state-based rural fire services.

Not just this they will also be providing “short and long-term assistance” to the ones suffered and affected in a bushfire and drought-affected areas.

Call directly them or visit their website for any other assistance required on the services provided.

Others in the list are:

Alinta Energy

Alinta Energy has held back all the utility bills and other debt collection notices for their affected customers since November 2019. Along with this $200 credit will be put on to their Alinta Energy account. For any further information directly dial them or visit their website.

Energy Locals

Big relief to all Energy Locals customers who are yet to receive their next bill as they have removed electricity costs incurred during bushfires. In addition to this, Energy Locals are giving half-price membership to affected customers in their new homes and volunteer firefighters.

These helping hands will contribute $50 to relief efforts for each new customer joining between now and the end of March. Do not hesitate to call them for more detailed info.


This retailer is trying to remove a burden from those affected by bush fires by keeping all bills on hold until further notice. While SES and volunteer firefighters will receive $100 off their electricity accounts. They also made a $25,000 donation to the Australian Red Cross as well as a $25,000 donation to Wwf bush fire appeals.

They have requested all suffered customers to contact them through any mode. One can call them or through any of their social media channels. They are keen to assist.

Red Energy

For all those who came forward as volunteer firefighters, and the ones who were affected, customers including businesses in NSW, VIC, QLD, and SA this giant provider is providing a $200 bill credit. To avail, this credit Red Energy is appealing to all suffered customers to contact them.

Lumo Energy

Lumo Energy is also providing a $200 bill credit only to those affected in Victoria and South Australia. More information on the same calls will be answered on the customer support number.

Please note the above list is not fully comprehensive, which is why we appeal to contact your energy retailer directly if you’re experiencing hardship due to the bush fires.

Energy Comparison
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