How to Measure “Cleanest” Electricity Retailer?

Discovering the 'cleanest' electricity retailer is no simple task. Dive into the complexities of measuring sustainability in this enlightening guide.

How to Measure “Cleanest” Electricity Retailer?

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By Vishnu

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Climate change and global warming are two of the many environmental problems these days. All living things are affected because of human’s wrongdoings. Fortunately, many advocacies are available whose objective is to fight these problems.

Anyone can help planet Earth through saving energy and supporting retailers who take care of the environment. How to measure if an electricity retailer is a “Go Green” retailer?


The Green Electricity Guide(GEG) serves as a basis to all consumers to identify which retailers are really as “Green” as what on their advertisement. It is a helpful guide for consumers who support renewable energy. It also encourages retailers to improve their good effect in nature. It provides analysis and ranks all electricity retailers around Australia based on their environmental performance. The retailer who gets the top spot is considered as the “Greenest” one.

  • Emissions intensity of generation assets

The emission rate of carbon dioxide, greenhouse gas and other air pollutants owned by the retailer, retailer’s parent or sister companies are summed up.

  • Support for energy sector decarbonization

The retailer supports publicly the decarbonization of energy key players in Australia. Increase the share of low-carbon energy sources such as renewables.

  • Carbon offsets

Greenest retailer reduces or offsets the carbon and greenhouse emissions to minimize the bad effect in the environment. Also, the price for Green Power is checked if it’s higher or lower than the energy market.

  • Support for local and renewable energy

The company allows consumers to have access to market offers such as offers with the same tariffs and discounts. They must also actively support local energy trading.

  • Fossil fuels policy positions and investments

They support Australia’s energy market to move out from fossil fuels and switch to renewable energy.

  • Energy efficiency and demand management

The offers, information, products, and services of the retailer must easily understand by consumers. Retailer’s transparency and how comprehensively discuss all matters are graded too. In addition to this, the retailer must participate in Demand Management program such as programs to decrease peak demand.

  • Corporate sustainability, transparency, and responsibility

The retailer should have a complete sustainability report. Goals, strategies, & milestone of the retailer are factors to be considered as well. 


Based on here are the top 10 “cleanest retailers” suit for consumers who support renewables. These retailers help to fight environmental problems based on brief analysis using the criteria.

Econnex is affiliated with 3 out of 10 “Go Green” retailers including Powershop which own the top rank. Save money today and help the environment. Switch now!

Energy Comparison
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