Learn More About Solar Meter

The solar meter: Your green energy compass! Discover how this device tracks solar power production and fosters sustainability.

Learn More About Solar Meter

Published on 30/09/2023

By Rajesh Kumawat

Energy Comparison

After everything is set for your solar panel, work on the meter.  You need a Solar Meter to record the energy you import and export. Know more about it before you set up one.

What is a solar meter?

The traditional electricity meters only measure the electricity that flows one away, from the grid to the house. On the other hand, the solar meters measures in both directions including the electricity that your home exports to the grid.

In case you have an old accumulation meter, upgrade it to a smart meter so that it can measure the electricity you export. This provides half hourly readings of the electricity you consume and the excess electricity you generate.

Once all set, you can already start earning credits with a feed-in tariff that will help you reduce your power bill.

Gross metering vs Net metering

Gross metering separately measures the total electricity you consumed and the total electricity generated by the solar panel.  The energy company reads the meter and determines the total amount of electricity generated by the solar panels, regardless of whether it goes into the grid or used at home.

Net metering measures the total electricity the household consumes and the total electricity generated by the solar panel together. The energy company reads the meter and calculate unused energy and fed back into the grid.

How to order a new meter?

Call your electricity retailer and they’ll help you with the installation.

How much does solar meter cost?

The cost depends on the place you live, installer and complexity. It usually ranges from about $60 to $300.

What is a solar meter charge?

They are daily charges similar but separate from supply charges. In QLD customers don’t pay solar meter upfront, the cost of installation and maintenance is covered by a ‘solar meter charge’. This charge usually ranges from 5 to 7 cents per day.

What may affect your electricity bill rates after installation?
  • Additional charge on your bill. The new meter was provided by the distributor. The cost is passed to the retailer. The cost is recovered by the retailer through increased network charges on your electricity bill.
  • Move from Off-peak Tariff to a Time-of-use Tariff (TOU). TOU tariff rates changes depending on the time of the day you consume power. Higher rates during peak hours (day), and lower at night where demand is low. While the electricity is most expensive during the day, this will be offset by the solar system producing energy during this time.
  • Dedicated off-peak loads will be affected. Hot water, space heating, and air conditioning are affected if moved from off-peak tariff to a time-of-use (TOA) tariff.

Before the installation of solar panels, ask your retailer about any tariff changes that will occur.


The solar panel along with solar meter can help you reduce the amount of money you spend on your energy bills.

You can even make more money if you produce more than you consume. Make sure you make the right choice.

Get the best energy deal, Econnex will help you.

Energy Comparison
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