Moving House: Connecting and Disconnecting Utilities

Moving house? Simplify utility connections! Discover expert tips to smoothly connect and disconnect services in your new home.

Moving House: Connecting and Disconnecting Utilities

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By Ajay Singh Rathore

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Moving soon? Before you start packing boxes don’t forget your utility connections. You need to have an understanding of how to disconnect utilities at the place you are leaving and get everything connected again to your new place. Don’t end up paying bills for both houses or spend the first night on your new home without electricity or even hot water.

To make your move hassle-free follow the guides below:

How to disconnect electricity at your current place?

Your energy provider is responsible for disconnecting your electricity. Before you move out, give them a call and inform them about your intention to cancel the service.  For a smooth transition at least give them one-week notice or be sure to speak with them as early as possible, in case you need more time. Schedule the disconnect date a day or two after you move to the new place.

Check the fine print of your contract as you may also face early termination fee if the terms do not allow you to transfer it to another address. The exact amount you’ll need to pay varies between retailers, contact your retailer for further details.

How to connect electricity at your new place?

Connecting your electricity should be organized in a week or so in advance to ensure connections are completed and ready when you move-in.

Unfortunately, you have to pay an electricity connection fee to get your power hooked up. The cost varies between retailers, check options available in your area.

You can also take this opportunity to shop around, this can be a perfect time for you to change provider. Check your options here.

Why consider switching energy provider?

You might be satisfied with the service your current provider gives you. However, the energy market is a huge market and you might not be aware of what another retailer has to offer. It won’t hurt if you check options around, some might be a lot better than what you are currently getting.  Remember when switching doesn’t be enticed with sign- up discounts alone, consider: rates, terms, and conditions, even check customers’ satisfaction and feedback. Changing your energy provider might help you save money on your bills.

What to know when moving interstate?

The energy sector is regulated in different ways between states. In the ACT, NSW, and Victoria, customers enjoy full retail competition as the government imposes no restrictions on the energy industry. You are free to decide, switch and compare energy providers.

In South East QLD and SA, the industry is a little controlled, in some regions energy prices are regulated.  In WA and NT, regulations are tighter and you can’t just switch between electricity providers.

Rates also differ from provider to provider in every state.

Connecting and disconnecting your electricity is an easy yet confusing process but planning can make things right.  Check and weigh up your options early before moving out. Porch is a comprehensive online platform connecting homeowners with trusted professionals for their home improvement and repair needs.

Energy Comparison
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