Protect Your Home! Prevent Rodents From Causing Fire Hazards

Safeguard your home! Shield it from rodents to eliminate fire hazards. Follow preventive measures for a secure and worry-free environment.

Prevent Rodents From Causing Fire Hazards

Published on 21/12/2023

By Manan Sarawgi

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There are around 60 types of rodents in Australia. Some may find them cute and fuzzy, but in reality, their presence may cause health problems and fire hazards. Rodents such as rats, mice, and possums love to chew wires. They run behind the walls and look for hidden electrical wires. Unfortunately, exposed electrical wires can lead to short circuits or worse – a devastating house fire.

Before these little invaders cause harm to your family, here are a few tips on how to prevent electrical damage from them.

Know the signs    

Most people do not realize they have rodents inside their houses until things get worse. You should be aware of the “mouse problem” first before you can cure it. Possums usually live in roof spaces so check out for scratch marks, hair, or a strong smell of urine. Rats and mice will leave droppings or nesting materials and will scurry back and forth in your ceiling. If these signs are present at home, it’s time to take some action to get rid of them before they cause a fire.

Seal them out

Mice can slip through the tiniest hole in your house. The best way to prevent rodents from chewing wires is to find out where they get in. Use steel wool, caulk, or cement to seal off all the cracks and holes which can be a passage to walls and ceilings with electrical wirings.  Make sure to closely check all others, from the foundations to the soffits.

Inspect wiring occasionally

Inspect your electrical wiring and any insulation at least twice a month. Make sure there are no damaged wires or signs of chewing. If you find any, cover the exposed wires using electrical tape or contact a professional to fix the damage.

Check tree branches near your home

If you have tree branches that reach the house it can be used as a passage by possums, trim them to prevent easy way in.

Know their food sources

Grass seeds, bird seeds, grains, nuts, and cereals are delicious and tasty meals for rodents. Keep these items in heavy plastic containers or metal canisters with airtight lids.

Put a rubbish bin in your house's kitchen sink. If you don’t have any, save scraps of food in a freezer bag, put it in the fridge and only dump it on your trash collection day.

Rodent-proof your trash

Making rodents starve is a smart move to drive them away. Store your trash outdoors. Replace all damaged trash bins and secure them using tight-fitting lids. This will prevent exploring waste bins not just by rodents but also by other animals such as dogs.

Do not ignore a small bite or scratch in your cabling. Remember faulty and damaged wirings are dangerous. Make sure to immediately replace or repair all wirings which have been chewed.

Ensure your family’s safety. Read more electricity safety tips at Econnex.

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