Spend Big Time on Energy Bills? You Don’t Have To

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Spend Big Time on Energy Bills? You Don’t Have To

Published on 13/11/2023

By Ajay Singh Rathore

Energy Comparison

Rental fees, utilities, food cost are just some of the “money suckers” every month in which we cannot run off. The same reason as well why saving cash is a big challenge for most of us.

Based on Financial Mindfulness Stress Survey last September 2017 of 1000 people 30% of Australians reported financially stressed as they cannot save money because of too many expenses.

There are lots of easy ways to be efficient, to be stress-free and to save some bucks, especially for gas and electricity bills. Most of us are aware of the advantages of getting the most competitive rates for power. But the problem is there are some who do not take advantage of the privilege to shop around and look for a better deal, as a result, we pay MORE than we’re supposed to.

If these are your characteristics you are probably one of the Big Spenders on energy bills.

  • Brand Loyalty - Australians are known for their loyalty but we shouldn’t on high bills. We stick to our team, and we used our own products. Sticking to one brand can have its benefits as you know what you’re getting for the price. On the other hand, when it comes to staying with the same energy supplier for a long time is not a great idea. In the energy market, there is a continuous competition with different energy providers. The price, rates, and charges keep on changing. Sometimes it goes down, but most of the times it climbs up. So imagine if you stay with the same retailer the entire year it means you missed to grab the better offers of other energy companies.
  • Lock In Effect - A common misconception of most of the consumers about things like energy is they think they are automatically locked into their chosen provider. It is not a problem if you are on a standard contract or open contract because you can still switch anytime you want without paying any exit fees unless you entered a specific market contract with an exit fee of course. Be sure you are well-informed with the terms and conditions of your chosen provider before you sign the contract.
  • Switching Is Too Hard - When we say “switching energy providers” you probably think of paper works, hassle, and headache. Traditionally, this might have been true, but those days are long gone. We now live where computers and smartphones have become ubiquitous. That’s why switching energy retailer online is just a piece of cake these days. In fact, with Econnex you can compare rates and switch energy retailer in a few minutes while on your desk or at the comfort of your own home. Retailers these days do all the legwork for you.
Benefits of looking around the energy market

Most of us rely on well-known and dependable energy suppliers. It really doesn’t mean you have to stick with the same provider for your entire life, even if you’re happy with them. Here is the importance of shopping around and why you should consider switching provider now.

Reduce your bills, significantly. We all need to find ways to save. Econnex will find the available energy prices in your area and assist you in making the switch. It’s free! And it could save you up to $300 on your energy bills every year.

Make a change for the better. Moving to a different address? The current energy plan is about to end? Or maybe having a business expansion and need to look for something that meets your energy needs? These are the perfect opportunities to review your options and find a better energy deal and switch to a new and cheaper retailer.

Discover greener options. Many energy providers are now offering more renewable and sustainable energy deals, such as hydro, solar, wind and biomass. You can reduce your impact on the environment at the same time you are saving money for the long term. Isn’t that awesome?

Improve your service. You don’t need to pay the premium for average service. If you’re not happy with the service you’re getting from your current energy retailer, you can switch and find something better.

It won’t cost a thing. With Econnex, you can compare and switch energy plans without hassle. No obligation to sign up, and it’s 100% free to use.

Start to save money on your energy bills today. Compare and Switch NOW!

Energy Comparison
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