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By Rajesh Kumawat

Energy Comparison

We always opt for the lazy option and leave our appliances on standby mode instead of turning them off at the mains. Are we saving or not this way?

Most of our appliances like television, computer, microwaves, coffeemakers, and more drain energy every time they’re plugged into a socket, regardless of whether they’re turned on or off.

Even when electronics appear to be turned off, it still consumes power for charging, sending, and receiving signals of instant turn-on. Standby power accounts for around 3% to 10% of overall household electricity usage. A ridiculous amount of money is just thrown away on devices you aren’t even using.

Electricity generated by these always-on devices represents a lot of carbon pollution that contributes to global warming but could be avoided.

These are the most power-hungry devices in your home and should receive priority in deciding when to unplug:

  • Cable Boxes

Have an energy footprint far greater than their size would indicate.  If you have more than one television, request a multi-room box that allows you to ditch all.

  • Computers

Sleep mode is good but not as good as turning off and unplugging entirely. Laptops are more energy efficient read here. Also, screensavers save nothing.

  • Televisions

The bigger it is the more power it sucks, and the more should it be unplugged or put on a power strip and shut off entirely if not in use. Flat-screen TVs use about twice as much power as their smaller counterparts.

  • Audio/Video

All those mp3 docking stations, home theaters, and DVD players add up. Cluster these devices on a smart power strip.

  • Game Consoles

Most tend to leave game consoles all the time. The Nintendo Wii uses significantly less energy than other popular systems (Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation). Many consoles now automatically switch to a power-saving idle mode after a period of inactivity, even “sleeping” games use some energy. Put it on a power strip and get it off entirely.

Some ways to slay the “energy vampires” in your home:

  1. Unplug the device, not in use or used rarely.
  2. Plug devices into a power strip or power board for a cluster of appliances.
  3. Plug them into a timer.
  4. Search and Buy for low standby products.

Keep in mind:

The rule for saving money on standby power: If it’s not in use, turn it off at the wall.

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Energy Comparison
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