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Compare Electricity and Gas, Find a Deal, and Sign Up On The Spot! Comparing energy plans at Econnex means you never hit the call wall!

Econnex Energy Comparison

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By Rajesh Kumawat

Energy Comparison


Econnex is a revolution helping thousands of Australians compare the cheapest electricity and gas plans from dozens of retailers. Our 100% automated and secure system finds plans in your area and gives you the option to sign up on the spot.

Econnex does all the hard work behind the scenes and in the cloud. That means no frustrating callbacks, no up-selling, and no waiting!

Enter your postcode or address, approximate electricity and/or gas usage for a given period, and your connection date. Our system scours the market for the best plans in your area. We’ve designed Econnex to save you money on energy bills from the beginning.

If you aren’t the most technical person in the world, don’t worry – we have plenty of help in the system to guide you through.

First – Review Your Plan

Start by telling us your postcode, approximate electricity and/or gas usage for a given period, and your connection date.

You can choose the type of tariff you want – single rate, time-of-use rates, or controlled load rates. This is dependent on your location.

Second – Compare

Once we’ve gathered your information, we’ll show you all the best available plans in your area. Remember to look at:

  • Tariffs
  • Billing periods – monthly, quarterly, or bi-monthly?
  • Fees and charges
  • Pay on-time discounts or benefits
  • Standard or market contracts

Make sure you look at the whole plan before making your mind up.

Three – Switch On The Spot

Once you’ve chosen a new plan, we’ll begin the transfer process. There’s no callback – we do it all for you.

Are you moving house? Use Econnex to ready your new house with gas or electricity by selecting your move-in date. It’s a no-fuss system that’s engineered to save you money on your energy bills.

Econnex makes comparing energy retailers simple, safe, and speedy. Best of all, it’s FREE to use.

Energy Comparison
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