Our Guide to Identifying the Highest Solar Feed-in Tariff in the ACT

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Highest Solar Feed-in Tariff in the ACT

Published on 14/02/2024

By William Walton

Energy Comparison

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is at the forefront of renewable energy adoption, with solar power playing a pivotal role. For many residents, the appeal of solar energy extends beyond environmental benefits to the financial incentives offered through Feed-In Tariffs (FiT).  

These FiT rates compensate you for the surplus electricity your solar panels produce and are crucial in maximising the return on your solar investment. However, navigating the myriad of FiT deals can be overwhelming and sourcing the highest solar Feed-in Tariff in the ACT can feel like an uphill battle.  

Econnex Comparison emerges as a vital tool for consumers in our capital territory. We provide a seamless platform to compare and secure some of the most lucrative FiT rates in the ACT from our panel of energy retailers. 

Understanding Feed-In Tariffs 

Feed-In Tariffs (FiT) are essential to the solar power equation. They refer to the payment you receive for any excess electricity your solar system generates and feeds back into the grid. The rate of these tariffs can significantly affect your electricity bill savings.  

Essentially, a higher FiT rate means more money back in your pocket, thereby reducing the payback period of your solar panel investment. FiT rates vary among energy providers in ACT, making it essential to understand and select the best rate available for your specific needs.  

Remember that your chosen energy plan still needs to meet your usage requirements. The energy plan with the highest solar Feed-in Tariff in the ACT may not be suitable for your household according to other plan features, such as usage tariffs. It would be best if you tried to find a balance between the plan that, in your estimation, offers the highest available solar Feed-in Tariff in the ACT while meeting your basic energy needs. 

Highest Solar Feed-In Tariff Deals in ACT 

Let's explore some of the highest FiT deals that may be available in the ACT from the providers on the Econnex panel. Remember that the highest solar Feed-in Tariff in the ACT may change between providers as plans change over time, and Econnex Comparison does not compare products from all providers in the ACT. Prices are for reference purposes only.  

  • ActewAGL - Power Up: This plan offers a competitive FiT of 11 cents per kWh, coupled with a 32% discount on the flat rate tariff, making it an attractive option for those looking to balance savings and earnings. 
  • Red Living Energy Saver: With a 6-cent FiT and a 22% discount, this plan caters to households prioritising lower electricity rates alongside their FiT earnings. 
  • ActewAGL - Solar Saver: This option stands out with a high 15-cent FiT rate and a 5% discount, making it ideal for maximising FiT returns. 
  • Energy Australia - Balance Plan: This plan offers a 7.6 cent FiT, matching the reference price. It is suitable for users looking for a straightforward, no-frills FiT option. 

The Econnex Advantage in FiT Deals 

Econnex Comparison offers a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for comparing FiT rates from multiple providers. This comparison allows consumers to make informed decisions that align with their energy needs and financial goals. With the power of comparison technology behind you, sourcing the highest solar Feed-in Tariff in the ACT becomes a more manageable task.  

Furthermore, Econnex Comparison's exclusive FiT offers, accessible through their contact centre, provide additional value that might not be publicly available, offering a tailored approach to maximising solar benefits. 

Enhancing Your Solar Potential with Econnex Comparison 

Beyond securing the best FiT rate, Econnex Comparison supports consumers in optimising their solar systems through upgrades and battery installations: 

  • Solar System Upgrade - Enhancing your system's capacity can lead to increased power generation, thereby elevating your FiT income. 
  • Battery Installation - By storing surplus energy, you can utilise it during peak demand times, reducing grid dependency and increasing your savings. 

Embrace Solar FiT Earnings with Econnex 

In the ACT, embracing solar energy is a wise choice, both environmentally and financially. The complexity of choosing the right FiT deal, however, requires careful consideration and guidance.  

Econnex Comparison offers a comprehensive solution, simplifying the comparison process, providing access to exclusive deals, and recommending personalised solutions. With Econnex Comparison, ACT residents can ensure their solar investments are as profitable as they are sustainable, unlocking the highest solar Feed-in Tariff in the ACT that’s available from our panel of retailers and optimising their solar energy systems for maximum benefit. 

Energy Comparison
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